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Advantest Sets the Stage for Further Growth by Contributing to the 5G Revolution with Globally Leading Test Technology

Founded in 1954, Advantest has refined its electronic measurement technology over many decades in harmony with the evolution of the electronics and semiconductor industries. Today, our core product segment, automatic test equipment, is used to verify that advanced ICs perform as designed. Semiconductors that pass this stringent testing process are then incorporated into a wide variety of products that support our safety, security, and comfort.

Fiscal 2018 was a great year for Advantest. In addition to posting record-high orders, sales and net income, we gained the leading market share worldwide in both SoC test systems and memory test systems. Now, the arrival of the 5G era presents us with a tremendous business opportunity. Not only will there be significant demand for 5G semiconductor test, 5G technology also encourages rapid progress in revolutionary applications such as ADAS/autonomous driving, IoT/smart devices, and AI. Based on our Grand Design and mid-term management plan, we will respond to the needs of the semiconductor supply chain by fostering the careers of engineers from a medium-to long-term perspective, reinforcing our human resources, boosting business efficiency, and honing our business operations with an emphasis on ROIC (return on invested capital) to secure further growth.

Advantest enjoys the advantages of outstanding test technology and a global support system. Amid the cyclical growth of the semiconductor test system market, we will grow together with our customers, further enhance our corporate value, and contribute to a sustainable future for all. I look forward to a bright future of shared prosperity and ongoing innovation.

Yoshiaki Yoshida
Representative Director, President & CEO

June 2019