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Measurement is the Mother of Innovation

Smartphones, computers, cars, consumer electronics, and many other electrical products we use every day rely on semiconductors.
The semiconductor test systems that we make ensure that semiconductors function properly, and that they perform up to specification, eliminating flawed devices and passing good ones in the semiconductor device manufacturing process.
By continuing to support leading edge semiconductor technology, at Advantest we support everyday safety and security.

Demand growth for semiconductors is closely linked to the growth in the applications which use them.
Recent sources of market growth include smartphones, which are continuing to become more popular and add functionality, as well as the datacenters that support the expansion in data transmission and cars which continue to add electronic functionality. While watching these market trends, we will continue to respond to world demands with higher performance test technology tailored to the characteristics of each semiconductor type.

Additionally, the technology that we have amassed over 60 years have already been used in various fields beyond the semiconductor test sector. For instance, in electron beam measurement tools and lithography systems, which depend on nanotechnology, our systems refined for the semiconductor process are rated highly. Meanwhile, our terahertz systems, which utilize terahertz waves to perform non-destructive internal analysis of samples, are riding a wave of high expectations from diverse industrial sectors starting with medicine.

With our core competence technology for measuring voltage, current and time as the key technology that profoundly supports other technologies we are contributing today to a prosperous society. While continuing our passion for our “core technology” we will tirelessly produce new generations of measurement and testing technology for the world.

Shinichiro Kuroe
Representative Director, President & CEO