Environment Environment

  • Environmental Management

    Based on the basic stance of “Caring for Our Planet", we are incorporating environmental activities in our business activities and promoting environmental business. Please refer to Advantest Group’s environmental policy and system for promotion.

  • Environmental Action Plan

    With the theme of “Preparing for a low carbon society”, we have established an environmental action plan, and are making efforts focusing on the three main points of promoting environmental management, provision of green products and reforming business processes.

  • Environmental Contribution Activities /
    Environmental Communication

    We believe that protecting and nurturing the global environment is a very important issue for environmental management, and promote the environmental contribution activities.

  • Green Products

    Putting high precision and high quality first, we are making efforts to produce products that consider the environment. Designating products that meet our own standards as “green products”, we are promoting the reduction of environmental impacts.

  • Product Recycling

    We take active steps to ensure that the products we sell are reused and recycled after use. Taking active steps to ensure that the products we sell are reused and recycled after use, we have set up and maintain a recycling system to ensure that recycling runs smoothly.

  • Global Warming Prevention

    We regard the prevention of global warming as an important corporate mission, and are providing green products and reforming our business processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Recycling Resources

    We promote the "Three Rs" (reduce, reuse, and recycle) with the aim of realizing a recycling-based society.

  • Environmental Risk and Chemical Substance Management

    We monitor and assess the environmental impact of equipment that may affect the environment based on our own voluntary limits.

  • Initiatives with Business Partners

    We created the “Advantest Green Procurement Guidelines”, to reduce environmental impact at all stages of production including suppliers and processing companies that we cooperate with.

  • Biotope

    On the grounds of Advantest’s global R&D HQ in Japan, endangered indigenous plants and wildlife flourish in an actively managed 17,000m2 conservation area.