Environmental Management Environmental Management


Basic Policy

The Advantest Group contributes to the development of a sustainable society through its business activities.
Based on our basic attitude of "Caring for Our Planet," we are actively engaged as a trusted corporate citizen in getting all of our employees involved in environmental conservation initiatives.


Advantest Group Environmental Policy

  1. Promotion of Environmental Management
    We maintain an environmental management system, and promote global environmental protection activities that are compatible with both business activities and environmental efficiency.
  2. Reducing Customers’ Environmental Impact
    While implementing energy efficiency, recycling improvements and elimination of harmful substances, we provide green products and services that contribute to reducing customers’ environmental impact, taking into account the full lifecycle from materials procurement through to disposal.
  3. Better Workplace Procedures
    We constantly strive to reevaluate and reform work procedures to help preserve the environment.
  4. Conservation of Biodiversity
    By being alert to the impact of our business activities on biodiversity, we strive for the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of biological resources.
  5. Complying with Environmental Laws and Regulations and Preventing Pollution
    Upholding all environmental laws and regulations and voluntary standards, we protect nature and shield our neighbors from environmental pollution and health hazards.

Updated 1st April 2015

The Advantest Group's Guidelines of Action for Biodiversity

To show our gratitude for the gift of nature that is endowed by biodiversity, and to recognize the significance of biodiversity in underpinning the prosperity and the wellness of our society, the Advantest Group will carry out initiatives in conserving biodiversity and in contributing to the sustainable use of biological resources.

  1. Understanding Environmental Impact
    We identify, evaluate and share information on any aspects that may have a significant impact on biodiversity in the entire lifecycle of our business activities.
  2. Understanding Biodiversity
    We increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity among all employees so that they are able to engage in activities that give consideration to biodiversity in their business activities and daily lives.
  3. Reduction of Environmental Impact
    By seeking highly effective measures, and by carrying them out continuously, we reduce the impact of our business activities on biodiversity.
  4. Cooperation with Stakeholders
    We cooperate with a variety of stakeholders such as the government, educational organizations, NPOs, local residents and our business partners to promote activities related to the conservation of biodiversity.

Updated 1st April 2011

Framework to promote environmental management

The Advantest Group is building a framework to better promote our global environmental initiatives.

Environmental management

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification

The Advantest Group has acquired integrated ISO14001 certification for its offices, as well as its research, development, and production facilities in Japan. In addition, the Group has acquired ISO14001 certification for its environmental management system, which is based on legal regulations in each country where it operates. Under the uniform standards provided by ISO14001, we are promoting initiatives to reduce energy use, hold down waste production, develop and provide environmentally friendly products (green products), and reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification
As of March 31, 2015
Company (Location) Certification acquired Proof of certification (Photo)
(Integrated certification)
  Head Office (2009/11)
Western Japan Office*2 (2010/12)
Advantest Laboratories Ltd. / Sendai Factory (2000/2)
Gunma R&D Center (2002/4)
Saitama R&D Center (2003/10)
Kitakyushu R&D Center (2003/3)
Gunma Factory (1998/4)
*1 Affiliates at same location included in certification
*2 The Western Japan office closed on 31st March 2015
Advantest America, Inc. 2008/10 img_csr_2015_0043
  San Jose, U.S.A.  
Advantest Europe GmbH 2008/4 img_csr_2015_0044
  Munich, Germany  
Amerang, Germany  
Boeblingen, Germany  
Advantest (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 2008/6 img_csr_2015_0045
Advantest (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Penang - Malaysia) 2008/9 img_csr_2015_0046
Advantest Korea Co., Ltd. 2008/7 img_csr_2015_0047
Advantest Taiwan Inc. 2006/12 img_csr_2015_0048
Advantest (China) Co., Ltd.*3 2008/5 img_csr_2015_0049
  Advantest (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  
Advantest Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  
*3 Above affiliates included in certification

Implementation of internal environmental audits

At Advantest Group we have always implemented regular internal environmental audits on environmental impact reduction activities at each business location in order to confirm internal and external compliance to operation of the environmental management system. Through the regular internal environmental audit that we implemented in fiscal 2014 we confirmed the impact of our improvement activities to reduce CO2, the gas that has a large impact on the environment. Also, we did not detect any compliance violations.
In the future we will continue to make continuous efforts to improve our environmental management system and focus on improving our environmental performance.

Basic policy on Environmental education

In order to promote environmental protection, each and every employee needs to always feel that the environment is a problem close to their heart, be thinking about what they can and should do both at work and in the home, and transform these ideas to action. Based on this policy, Advantest is implementing environmental education aimed at developing awareness of the environment and the ability to think and take action.

Overview of environmental education program
  • Training for new employees
  • Education for internal environment auditors
  • Education on chemical substances
  • Seeking proposals on environmental VE
  • Activities to protect forests
Implementation of general environmental education in fiscal 2014
  Target employees Number of participants Participation ratio (%)
Japan 2,702 2,702 100
Overseas 2,046 1,865 91.2
Overall 4,748 4,567 96.2
Introduction of e-learning

Image of e-learning on the screen

At Advantest, we have introduced an e-learning education system. We have been able to create a system that is time and location independent, allows repetition of learning and enables more efficient management of learning status and results.
In fiscal 2014’s general ISO14001 training we implemented e-learning in Japan and training on environmental policy overseas.