CSR at Advantest CSR at Advantest


The ADVANTEST Way and the Code of Conduct

The ADVANTEST Way and the Code of Conduct provides a set of rules and standards of behavior that all executives and employees must observe when carrying out the Group's global corporate activities. At Advantest, we take a global perspective when implementing our company management and our social and environmental activities so that we may use our cutting-edge ‘measurement and testing technologies’ to fulfill the expectations that our customers and all of our stakeholders throughout the world hold for us.


CSR Policy

Advantest Group aims for sustainable development and to enhance our corporate value under the corporate mission of "Technology Support on the Leading Edge” and our "Quest for the Essence" corporate mantra.
Also, we will respect stakeholders as described below to promote harmony with society and contribute towards the realization of a sustainable society.

  • In harmony with society, we will work for environmental conservation and to reduce environmental impacts.
  • We will respect customers, and provide high quality products and services that meet their needs.
  • We will respect shareholders and investors, make the proper profits and disclose information.
  • We will respect our business partners and build cooperative relationships toward mutual development.
  • We will respect our employees, provide fair treatment and strive to create easy to work workplaces.

CSR Policy Initiatives

Based on the Advantest Group's corporate mission of delivering “Technology Support on the Leading Edge,” our purpose as a Group is to use our ‘measurement and testing technologies’ to support the development of society and to help to ensure that people throughout the world can live safely and securely. We provide our customers in many countries with a range of products and services and we are contributing to society through our business activities in our core competence field of ‘measurement and testing technologies.’ In addition, we are using our business activities to meet the needs of our stakeholders and of society and to fulfill our social responsibilities as a group with a presence throughout the world.

Organization for Promoting CSR

We established the CSR & Environmental Affairs Promotion Center, which is headed by the President and CEO, in order to clarify the objectives and responsibilities of the executives within the Advantest Group. The Center is responsible for the overall promotion of our CSR initiatives and affairs. Beneath this organization we have positioned the CSR & Environmental Affairs Promotion Office, which is responsible for implementing our social and environmental contribution activities. In addition, all divisions and departments within the Company exchange CSR-related information and conduct CSR activities on a daily basis; this in turn supports our compliance with ISO26000 standards.
Moreover, we established the CSR Working Group to promote CSR initiatives horizontally across the entire Group, The Working Group is staffed by members of the various departments that are responsible for the Group's CSR and it is developing and coordinating activities on a global scale.

Advantest's Organization for Promoting CSR


Communication with stakeholders

We have implemented communication with the following stakeholders.

Main stakeholders Main means of communication
Shareholders and investors General meeting of shareholders, IR Roadshow, and information dissemination by the Sustainability Report
Customers CSR questionnaire, user group meetings (VOICE), exhibitions (Semicon, etc.)
Suppliers New Year meeting
Employees Labor bargaining