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Compliance policy

Overview of policy

Companies aiming for sustainable growth need employees who fulfill their social responsibilities and who carry a strong sense of ethics. They also need to earn the trust of stakeholders. Based on this belief, Advantest has established The ADVANTEST Way — the fundamental handbook which lays out our management direction and policy, and which comprises our Corporate Mission (“Technology Support on the Leading Edge”), Corporate Mantra (“Quest for the Essence”) and CSR Policy — as well as The Advantest Code of Conduct, which provides specific guidelines for employees to enhance their ethical awareness.

Compliance Promotion System

Advantest gives guidance and advice to all Group employees to fully understand and comply with the "The ADVANTEST Way & Code of Conduct", and has established a global management structure.
Among the employees’ day-to-day business, if they come across a problem that they feel is in violation or contradiction with "The ADVANTEST Way & Code of Conduct", they should first report to and consult with the department head, and if necessary, to relevant departments. When it is difficult to consult with department heads or related departments, we established a "Corporate Ethics Helpline" from 2006, which we operate globally. After setting up the helpline, we have received various letters from Japan and overseas from Group employees, and while maintaining the privacy of the employees, these items are reported at the Code of Conduct Committee, including management executives and outside lawyers, in order to seek resolution. We will continue to sincerely respond to letters to maintain Advantest’s integrity.
Also as a member of the international community, we regularly conduct compliance audits through our global audit teams which we have placed in each region in order to ensure that we follow the different laws and regulations in each country and perform business correctly.

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  • Compliance promotion system

Compliance Education

At Advantest, we distribute a booklet called "The ADVANTEST Way & Code of Conduct" to all Group employees and implement efforts to gain employees’ agreements. However, with the full integration of Verigy Inc. in April 2012, the creation of overseas production bases and the internationalization of R&D and production bases, there is an increasing need to ensure thorough legal compliance worldwide and to pay attention to compliance across the Group while having a good understanding of the different variety of laws and regulations in each country.

For this reason, through the cooperation of the audit team and the legal department placed in each region, we have the aim of strengthening educational activities related to national laws and regulations. In addition, to gain agreement on compliance matters, we are implementing regular e-learning sessions for all Group employees on "The ADVANTEST Way & Code of Conduct" and "anti-corruption and anti-bribery".