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We Guarantee the Future
Contributing to a better future with testing and measurement technology

Since the foundation of our company in 1954, Advantest has made testing and measurement technology the cornerstone of our business. These technologies, representing our core competence, form the basis of our contributions to safety and security as we continue to set ourselves new challenges.

Today, the world is entering an era of dramatic change. The problems we face today are growing larger in scope and also more complex, and there are no easy solutions. Various different issues – including Brexit, the Chinese economic slowdown, the growing global refugee problem, frequent terrorist attacks, the risk of major natural disasters, the trend towards smaller families, etc. – are becoming entangled with and compounding one another.
Advantest is responding to the new needs emerging as a result of these global trends by developing new testing and measurement technologies that can make a positive contribution towards the sustainable development of society.

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21), which was held in Paris in November – December 2015, produced the Paris Agreement, which represents a historic turning point and a new start for global climate change policy. The adoption by the U.N. of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also reflects growing worldwide concern regarding the need to create a sustainable society. The code of conduct of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), an electronics industry CSR alliance of which Advantest is a member, requires participating firms to ensure that workers enjoy a safe working environment, that workers are treated with respect, and that responsibility is taken for the impact that our manufacturing processes have on the environment.

To achieve sustainable growth against this background, Advantest has worked to create new added value and to build a robust corporate structure. In fiscal 2015, in line with our goal of enhancing the supervisory role of our board of directors and strengthening our corporate governance system, Advantest formally made the change (in June 2015) to become a company with an audit and supervisory committee. Additionally, in December 2015 Advantest published details of the implementation status for each of the principles embodied in our Corporate Governance Code.

Looking ahead to the future, Advantest will set clear evaluation criteria and implement medium- and long-term improvement activities with respect to the need to ensure sustainable sales performance, build up compliance systems, reduce negative environmental impacts, combat corrupt practices, and other key issues.

In the future, Advantest will continue striving to accurately predict major world events and material developments, and to create real value as a company. “We Guarantee the Future” is our mission; we are committed to furthering the development of measurement and testing technology that can help to guarantee a better future for the planet. Working in close collaboration with our stakeholders, we will hone our testing and measurement technologies to contribute to a sustainable, better society.
Thank you for your support.

Shinichiro Kuroe
Representative Director, President & CEO
Oct. 2016