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Basic Stance on Environmental Information Disclosure

Our business activities have a range of impacts on the environment.
In order for us to achieve responsible, continuous development, it is important that we share environmental information with stakeholders and reflect this in our environmental management.
At Advantest Group, we disclose information about our environmental burden and activities through reports, our website, exhibitions etc. We are also working to foster communication with local communities, for example through the holding of environmental contribution activities.

Environmental complaints
  FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015
Complaints from stakeholders 0 0 0
Serious violations of environmental laws 0 0 0

* Japan

Environmental Information Disclosure Results

Environmental Contribution Activities

We endeavor to foster communication with a variety of stakeholders through environmental contribution activities.

  • Holding of a nature observation event at the Gunma R&D Center’s Biotope
  • Conservation activity to protect Japanese red pine trees at the Advantest Laboratories Ltd.
  • Participation in the “Kusatsu Therapy Forest” project to help safeguard areas of state-owned forest
  • Tropical rainforest conservation activity in Malaysia (Borneo)
  • Cleanup activities in the vicinity of Advantest business bases