Management Approach Management Approach


Basic Stance

Recognizing that promoting a harmonious relationship with the Earth is an important management issue, Advantest is contributing to the global environment protection and the realization of a sustainable society in line with the Advantest Group Environmental Policy.

To this end, Advantest is implementing various measures based on identified materiality aspects, including measures that provide a solid foundation for compliance with relevant laws and regulations and for the minimizing of environmental load, etc., as well as working to reduce the amount of energy consumed in Advantest’s business activities, developing more environmentally-friendly products, etc.

Identified Materiality Aspects and KPIs, and Targets for FY2018

Materiality Aspect KPI FY2018 Target
Energy Rate of improvement in per-unit energy consumption Promoting the efficient utilization of energy, and realizing an annual average improvement of 1% in per-unit energy consumption at Advantest business bases in Japan (equivalent to a 6% reduction compared to fiscal 2012)
Emissions into the Atmosphere Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) Promoting the efficient utilization of energy, and working to reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions from Advantest business bases in Japan, with the aim of reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions volume to 18,000t-CO2 or less within three years.
Discharged Water and Waste Waste recycling rate Promoting resource recycling, and maintaining the waste recycling rate at Advantest business bases in Japan at 90% or higher
Hazardous Substances Percentage of suppliers covered by hazardous harmful substance surveys 100%
Products and Services Percentage of products meeting own green products criteria 100%
Compliance Number of environmental non-compliance Working to prevent serious violations of environmental laws and regulations (Number of serious violations of environmental laws and regulations: None)
Supplier Environmental Assessment Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental impact criteria 100%

Looking Ahead to the Future

The identified materiality aspects relating to the environment are being incorporated into the department objectives in Advantest’s Business Plan, and into the environmental objectives set for the company’s environmental management; Advantest will continue its efforts to implement ongoing efforts in this regard.