Intellectual Property Protection Intellectual Property Protection


Basic Philosophy

In relation to intellectual property, Advantest’s overarching policy is to observe all related laws and regulations and to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Organization of Intellectual Property Management

The organization illustrated below was developed to ensure that intellectual property is managed appropriately on a global basis.
In fiscal 2015, Advantest optimized the size of its patent portfolio by waiving patents with low utility.
In fiscal 2016, Advantest revises its organization of intellectual property management, aiming to formulate an IP strategy that is effectively coordinated with the company’s overall business strategy.

Organization of Intellectual property management

Employee Education on Intellectual Property

At Advantest, in order to improve awareness of intellectual property among all employees, we have been implementing training with content that is more closely related to employee’s jobs.
In fiscal 2015, a three-day training program (including hands-on practical training) was implemented for new engineer employees. Basic education in regard to IP management was also implemented for all Advantest Group employees (both in Japan and overseas) using an e-learning system.
In fiscal 2016, the content of the IP management education provided to all employees will be expanded, with the formulation of specialist education programs for those departments whose activities require detailed knowledge of IP management, and with the continued implementation of activities aimed at deepening employees’ understanding of intellectual property.

Disputes and Litigation Relating to Intellectual Property

As of 31 March 2016 there were no such disputes.