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Corporate Overview

Organizational Profile

Head Office Shin Marunouchi Center Bldg., 1-6-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Representative Director,
President & CEO
Yoshiaki Yoshida
Capital 32,363 million yen (as of March 31, 2018)
Stock Exchange Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section (Code: 6857)
No. of Shareholders 33,227
No. of Shares Outstanding 199,566,770 shares
No. of Consolidated Affiliates 29 (8 in Japan and 21 overseas)

(As of March 31, 2018)

The Advantest Group’s Global Network

(As of March 31, 2018)

The Advantest Way

The Advantest Way provides a set of rules and standards of behavior that all executives and employees must observe when carrying out the Group's global corporate activities. At Advantest, we adopt a global perspective when implementing our company management and our social and environmental activities so that we can use our cutting-edge "measurement and testing technologies" to fulfill the expectations that our customers and all of our stakeholders throughout the world hold for us.



Change in Net Sale

* Financial data are presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015 and the data before then are presented based on US GAAP.

Change in Operating Income/Operating Income Margin

* Financial data are presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015 and the data before then are presented based on US GAAP.

Change in ROE and EPS

* ROE: Return on equity ratio of net income attributed to the parent; EPS: Basic net earnings per share

Sales by Region (fiscal 2017)

Business Fields and Main Products

Semiconductor and Component Test System

ATE Business

Semiconductors are a core electronic component used in a variety of devices, such as smartphones, personal computers, household electrical appliances, and motor vehicles, which are indispensable to the lives of people. The types of semiconductors are broad from logic ICs and analog ICs to memory ICs. Each type of semiconductor has its own unique functionality and circuitry with performance rapidly advancing each day.

Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) verify the quality, performance and reliability of semiconductors by electrically testing these complex and multifarious functions of semiconductors with high accuracy. The automated testing technologies from Advantest at the top of the industry are contributing to higher efficiency in production on customer sites, technological innovations of the electronics industry, and greater safety, security and comfort for society.

SoC Test System

  • V93000
    SoC Test System

  • T2000
    SoC Test System

  • T6391
    Display Driver Test System

Memory Test System

  • T5503HS2
    Memory Test System

  • T5833
    Memory Test System

  • B6700
    Burn-in Test System

Mechatronics System

Device Interface/Test Handler Business

We provide peripheral devices for semiconductor testing such as device interfaces necessary when electrically connecting test systems and semiconductors as well as test handlers that transport packaged semiconductors to test systems.


  • M4872
    SoC Test Handler

Nanotechnology Business

We are providing devices that conduct fine exposure, processing and measurement using electron beams (EB) for silicon wafers and photomasks. These devices are used in mass production processes of major semiconductor manufacturers and the development of leading-edge semiconductor processes.

  • E3640

Services, Support and Other Sectors

Field Services

We are providing comprehensive services that contribute to improving productivity on customer sites, such as early launch of mass production tests for new devices as well as improvements to the operation rate on all test floors, including installation support and maintenance of test services.

SLT Business

We are providing enterprise solid state drives (SSD) that are expanding the adoption of high-end databases, client SSD that support a generation of IoT, and devices that test the system level.

  • MPT3000
    SSD Multi-protocol Test System

In addition to the above, we have business departments which conduct the sale of used semiconductors, component test systems, commercial mechatronic products, a device leasing business and a new planning business among other ventures.

Commitment to External Initiatives

Advantest is supporting measures aimed at the realization of a sustainable society through its sponsorship for and participation in various domestic and international statements and guidelines.

RBA Code of Conduct

In its business operations, Advantest follows the stipulations of the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct drawn up by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBAR), a leading electronics industry supply chain CSR alliance.

Response to the Conflict Minerals Issue

Advantest participates in the Responsible Minerals Trade Working Group established by JEITA*, and is implementing various measures, in collaboration with industry bodies, to help tackle the conflict minerals issue.

* JEITA: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association