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Prevention of Bribery and Compliance with the Anti-Monopoly Act

Basic Stance

The basic philosophy of the Advantest Group, which is embodied in the ADVANTEST Way and Code of Conduct, attaches great importance to being aware of one's responsibilities to society, and to the maintenance of integrity in one's conduct. Advantest implements a variety of measures to prevent the occurrence of bribery or other corrupt practices, and to prevent anti-competitive behavior.

Prevention of Bribery and Other Corrupt Practices

As a supplement to the Code of Conduct, Advantest has also formulated an Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Policy, which clarifies, in detail, Advantest's rules in relation to prevention of bribery and other forms of corruption throughout the world.

To ensure that all Advantest employees fully understand the Policy, and to ensure that they do not engage in behavior that violates law or regulations in any country, all employees throughout the Advantest Group are required to undergo Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Training on an annual basis.

Furthermore, there was one incident handled that violated the internal regulations related to anti-corruption and anti-bribery in fiscal 2017.

Compliance with the Anti-Monopoly Act

Advantest educates its employees about all aspects of anti-competitive behavior prevention as part of its Code of Conduct training, with particular emphasis being placed on the need to comply with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors; education regarding the Act is provided to new personnel in all relevant departments, including purchasing departments. In the future, Advantest intends to continue providing education and training aimed at ensuring the realization of fair and equitable transactions. In addition, Advantest's Internal Auditing Department undertakes sampling of purchasing transaction content, to verify that there are no violations of any kind.

In fiscal 2017, Advantest was not the subject of any legal action relating to bribery or other corrupt practices.

Social Contribution Activities

Stance towards social contribution activities

Advantest's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy was stipulated as follows in April 2008: "Advantest respects each of its stakeholders and strives to maintain harmony with society in all its operations while contributing to the goal of a sustainable society." Based on this stance, Advantest conducts social contribution activities focused on the areas of preserving the global environment, developing the next generation, and contributing to local communities.

In addition, we are using our business activities to meet the needs of our stakeholders and of society, and to fulfill our social responsibilities as a group with a presence throughout the world.

Promotional System

Advantest has a track record of promoting CSR and environmental initiatives in every country and region it operates in, especially Japan. However, it has been increasingly important for Advantest to conduct more global CSR and environmental initiatives through its supply chain as a company that contributes to a broader range of societies. We intend to continue contributing to regional societies through our CSR and environmental initiatives.

Advantest's Organization for Promoting CSR

Framework to Promote Employee Participation

At Advantest we are actively promoting employee participation in volunteer activities.
Volunteer activities provide a way to contribute to society, and we recruit participants through our intranet. We also include reports on activities in each region and participants' views in our internal newsletter which contributes to attracting new participants.
Employees can save up their unused holidays that would otherwise not be transferred to the next year and use them for volunteer activities.

Examples of Social Contribution Activities in fiscal 2017

In America, Advantest has participated in the Non-profit Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley activities over 13 years to promote housing repairs for disadvantaged people.

In Germany, used IT equipment was auctioned to employees and the revenue was donated to charitable organizations. (Left Picture)
In Singapore, we regularly conduct charitable activities such as visits to elderly homes and food drives. (Right Picture)

In Japan, we conduct a craft workshop at our business establishments and communicate the joy of cooking to children through classes held on-site at elementary schools.

In Taiwan and Japan, employees volunteer in forest conservation activities.