Communication with Stakeholders Communication with Stakeholders

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Advantest implements the following types of communication with stakeholders.

Main stakeholders Main communication methods
Shareholders and investors Shareholders' meeting, business report, and interim reports
Financial results and Quarterly / Annual financial securities report
Corporate governance reports
Dissemination of information via the Sustainability report
Holding of briefings for institutional investors and analysts each quarter on the day of publication of earnings announcement
Implementation of regular overseas IR roadshows (at least once a year in each of North America, Europe and Asia), and participation in major IR events in Japan
Individual meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors
Individual meetings with major domestic and overseas shareholders
Customers CSR questionnaire
User group meetings (VOICE)
Exhibitions (SEMICON, etc.)
Suppliers Suppliers New Year Meeting
Suppliers Reception
QCD Cooperate Forum
Employees Labor‐bargaining

Dialog with Shareholders and Investors

Shareholders' Meeting

Advantest views the ordinary general meeting of shareholders (which constitutes the company's highest decision-making body) as also providing an important opportunity for dialog with all of the company's shareholders. We actively welcome questions from shareholders, and strive to reply to them in a considerate, easy-to-understand manner, endeavoring to help shareholders understand the measures that we implement in order to enhance the company's value.

At Advantest's 75th ordinary general meeting of shareholders held in June 2017, the following proposals on the agenda were all approved:

  • Proposal 1: Appointment of six Directors (excluding Directors serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Members)
    Yoshiaki Yoshida, Osamu Karatsu, Seiichi Yoshikawa, Hans-Juergen Wagner, and Soichi Tukakoshi were elected and appointed as Non-Auditor Directors. Osamu Karatsu and Seiichi Yoshikawa are outside Directors.

  • Proposal 2: Appointment of three Directors serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Members
    Yuichi Kurita, Megumi Yamamuro, and Yasushige Hagio were elected and appointed as Directors serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Members. Megumi Yamamuro and Yasushige Hagio are outside Directors.

  • Proposal 3: Appointment of one substitute Director serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
    Osamu Karatsu was elected as a substitute Director serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Member.

Three shareholders asked questions and shared opinions about topics that included the trends of the industry and operation of the shareholders' meeting over the course of the one-hour ordinary general meeting of shareholders, all of which received replies from the Chairman. The ordinary general meeting of shareholders was followed by a social event, which combined displays of the company's products and business development plans with the provision of direct explanations by Advantest directors, in an effort to strengthen dialog with participating shareholders.

Shareholders' Meeting

IR activities

To fulfill the company's duty to demonstrate the company's accountability to our shareholders and investors, and to further increase the level of trust placed in the company, Advantest has formulated the Basic Investor Relations Policy, and is working to foster more intensive communication with shareholders and investors under the direction of our CEO.

Under our basic IR policy, Advantest discloses material information appropriately in order to ensure fair disclosure to shareholders and investors both in Japan and overseas. Our IR activities are implemented through designated IR spokespersons, including the CEO, Corporate Vice President, CFO, Executive President and Vice President in Corporate Relations Group and IR personnel. Moreover, to avoid the disclosure of material nonpublic information and prevent information gaps during discussions, we engage multiple IR spokespersons in conversation or other venues for communication. We also formulated new internal regulations related to the handling of material information to comply with the fair disclosure rules of Japan enacted in April 2018 as well as similar law and the regulations in each country. Advantest will maintain fair informational disclosure and further enhance communication with all of its shareholders and investors based on these new regulations.

With regards to our IR activities, besides the timely disclosure on the company's website, we holds the quarterly financial information meetings, at which senior Advantest managers give presentations. Advantest also holds individual meetings with domestic and overseas institutional investors (with around 350 such meetings being held in fiscal 2017) as well as other small meetings, striving to help attendees develop a more in-depth understanding of the business environment within which Advantest operates and of the business strategies adopted by the company.

The useful suggestions that we receive from shareholders and investors in the course of engaging in communication with them are shared with the board of directors, and are utilized to help enhance Advantest realize sustainable growth and increase its corporate value over the medium and long term.

Dialog with Suppliers

To help build harmonious relationships with suppliers, Advantest holds an annual Suppliers New Year Meeting, Suppliers Reception and QCD Cooperate Forum with suppliers. Besides providing an opportunity for the presenting of awards that give recognition to suppliers who have made a particularly valuable contribution to Advantest's business, these events also provide a forum for the exchange of views between suppliers and Advantest's Chairman and Directors.

A scene from the QCD Cooperate Forum

Dialog with Employees

As opportunities for the dissemination of the Chairman's Message and for dialog with employees, Advantest seeks to engage in communication with employees at the monthly Morning Meetings and Meetings of All Employees which are held at each business location, the New Year Greeting event held in January each year, the Spring Labor Talks which are held each year starting in March, the ceremony to mark the company's founding which is held in July each year, the Central Labor Negotiations which are held in September each year, and various social events etc.