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Ensuring a Good Work-Life Balance

Advantest supports its employees in their pursuit of a good work-life balance based on Japan's Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. We believe that the work-life balance concept will help make the company a comfortable place to work for all employees, and will ultimately contribute to increasing our corporate value. We are therefore taking measures to reduce overtime hours and create a work environment that facilitates a good work-life balance, allowing our employees to actively pursue outside interests and become well-rounded individuals.

Arranging a Balanced Support System for Work and Family

Advantest has implemented a variety of measures so that all employees, while maximizing their potential, can balance work and family (also partially includes non-regular employees).

Pregnant employees can receive 100% compensation during pregnancy visits and pregnancy complications leave as well as choose to work shorter hours if directed to by a doctor based on their symptoms. Employees who work while caring for children may use childcare leave for up to two-years and three months. In addition, employees with children up to the 3rd grade can choose shorter working hours.

It should be noted that re-employment following childcare leave was 93.3% in fiscal 2017.

Initiatives to find a work-life balance have successfully built an environment with a certain level of balance, but Advantest will continue to enhance current policies to better support both work and life while also examining the introduction of new systems. We will also actively raise awareness about these work-life balance programs and improve the number of employees taking advantage of these systems.

Number of staff using childcare leave

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Number of employees using childcare shorter working hours

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Number of employees using caregiving and nursing leave

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The Work-Life Balance Support Guide

In 2007, we placed the Work-Life Balance Support Guide on the company intranet to spread awareness of the various programs that Advantest provides and encourage take-up. The guide also offers information on related services provided by local governments.

Reducing Overtime Hours

Advantest strives to ensure employees work appropriate hours to protect their health and realize work-life balance.
The Advantest Corporation (non-consolidated) set the goals specified below and then focused on increasing operational efficiency, encouraging a change in employee mindsets, and making the most of available work arrangements such as flextime and shift work while striving to reduce the amount of overtime.

Our overtime reduction goals are:
1. Number of employees with monthly overtime of 80 hours or more: zero
2. Average monthly overtime hours: 9 or fewer (excluding discretionary labor)

We have also made start and finish times more flexible and introduced half-day leave slots to make it easier for employees with working spouses to adjust their work schedules so that they can better share household chores and responsibilities.

In fiscal 2017, Advantest incorporate an action plan to reduce the amount of overtime based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation in Their Working Lives as well as the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and worked to raise awareness on the intranet. We issued notices to supervisors when employees clocked four or more hours of overtime by the 10th of the month, or seven or more hours by the 20th of the month, in an effort to further reduce overtime hours.

Although we have been engaging in these efforts, we have not succeeded in our in-house plan to have zero employees working 80 or more monthly overtime hours in fiscal 2017 as well as fewer than 9 average monthly overtime hours a month.

We were unable to achieve these goals due to keeping up with increased production and delivery support as well as dealing with unexpected problems.

The overtime hours per person at the Advantest Corporation (non-consolidated) in fiscal 2017 was and average of 12.8 hours as of March 2017.

Average overtime hours worked per person

* Scope of data: Advantest Group

Annual Paid Leave and Other Leave Systems

We encourage employees to take annual paid leave according to the job schedule of each person, work-life balance and other work conditions to realize a work-life balance at Advantest. In addition to planned paid leave (6 to 12 days each year), we have also introduced multipurpose consecutive leave (3 days a year) and refresh leave (3 days, 5 days and 8 days of leave given to employees at tenure of 10 years, 20 years and 30 years respectively). Furthermore, the annual paid leave that will be lost can be carried over as cumulative paid leave for 5 days a year up to a maximum of 30 days to use for reasons that include injury of oneself or the need to take care of a child or family member as well as volunteering, self-development, infertility treatments or to help with donor activities.

Graph of Paid Leave Taken

* Scope of data: Advantest Corporation (non-consolidated)

Number of employees taking accumulated holiday

* Scope of data: Advantest Corporation (non-consolidated)

Achieving an Enthusiastic Workplace

Advantest has been striving to realize work-life balance for all employees and achieve a working environment where each employee will be motivated to work.

As a result, Advantest Europe GmbH (Germany) was recognized as one of the Best Employers 2017 presented by Great Place to Work®, an international human resource consulting agency. Great Place to Work® conducts research about the scale, business category and region of companies throughout all of Germany to rank the top 100 Best Employers every year based on criteria about whether the company has built a workplace with clear trust able to bring out the full potential of each and every employee. Recognition of Advantest as one of the best employers demonstrates fair and sincere unification of strength between employees as well as management who have a strong sense of unity with the company. Advantest earned the highest marks in a variety of categories in the anonymous benchmark test for employees about the corporate climate conducted by Great Place to Work®.

Each Group company will endeavor to reform work styles to achieve a working environment where each employee will be motivated to work.