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Promoting social contribution activities

Stance towards social contribution activities

Advantest's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy was stipulated as follows in April 2008: "Advantest respects each of its stakeholders and strives to maintain harmony with society in all its operations while contributing to the goal of a sustainable society." Based on this stance, Advantest conducts social contribution activities focused on the areas of preserving the global environment, developing the next generation, and contributing to local communities.

Advantest seeks to respond to the needs of its stakeholders and the community in order to contribute to the development of an affluent society through its social contribution activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibility as a global company.

Framework to promote CSR

Advantest has a track record of promoting CSR and environmental initiatives in every country and region it operates in, especially Japan. However, it has been increasingly important to conduct more global CSR and environmental initiatives through its supply chain as a company that contributes to a broader range of society. We would like to continue contributing to regional society through our CSR and environmental initiatives.

Framework to promote CSR
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Examples of fiscal 2013 CSR activities

Contributing to the community through food donations

On July 20, 2013, volunteers from Advantest (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (ASP) donated food to underprivileged families in the Yishun area where the Company's office is located. This was done in cooperation with a local NPO called Singapore Children's Society Family Service Center.
When the call for help was issued within ASP, employees donated US$5,300, which was enough to buy food for 100 families. Food was procured and donated to the people of Yishun.

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AEG donates computers

Advantest Europe GmbH (AEG) contributed notebook computers that were no longer being used in business to a number of charitable organizations and welfare facilities. The computers went not only to facilities in Germany, but to 29 locations around the world, where they are now being put to good use.
One destination was the Theodor-Heus Realschule* in the municipality of Gärtringen, located not far from our Böblingen office. On September 30, 2013, AEG donated 10 computers to a school-support group. The school plans to have the students use these computers in classes.

* Note: Realschule is a type of German secondary school with a vocational orientation.

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Home renovation by volunteers

On October 26, 2013, Advantest America, Inc. (AAI) carried out a CSR activity involving home renovation by volunteers. A total of 21 AAI employees and family members participated in environmentally upgrading the home of an elderly female resident of Silicon Valley. They painted outside walls, installed a wood deck, repaired the fence, and cleaned and repaired eaves troughs.
The work went smoothly under a clear autumn sky, and it was completed on time and within budget. The house's appearance was greatly improved, and the owner was extremely grateful. This project also benefitted the participants, giving them a better understanding of one another.

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Special science class in Ishinomaki City

On February 25, 2014, Advantest conducted a special science class for 28 fifth graders at Kitakami Elementary School in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. Including volunteers, seven Advantest employees served as teachers, and they showed the children how to make an electromagnetic speaker. Everyone was delighted when the speakers worked and produced audible sounds.
The tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 swept up the Kitakami River and did tremendous damage to the surrounding area. Kitakami Elementary School opened in fiscal 2013 to take the place of three former schools that were so badly damaged that no recovery was in sight. Despite going through such trying experiences, the students participated in this class with genuine smiles, and sometimes very earnest expressions.
By conducting further special science classes, we hope to give the children of Ishinomaki more reasons to smile.

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