Environmental Education Environmental Education


Basic stance

To advance environment conservation initiatives, it is essential for each and every employee to always remain aware that environmental issues are actual, immediate problems and consider what they can and should do in their business and home life, and that this awareness translates to action. Based on this stance, the Advantest Group conducts environmental education aimed at fostering an awareness of the environment and more practical approaches to the environment.

List of environmental education programs
  • Training for new employees
  • Environmental internal auditor training
  • Training on chemical substances
  • Solicitation of environmental value engineering (VE) proposals
  • Forest conservation activities
Adoption of e-learning solutions

Environment lecture

The Advantest Group has introduced e-learning to give employees a general education on the ISO14001 standard and chemical substances. People taking these courses are bound by neither time nor place, and they can repeat lesson modules until they gain a full understanding. The courses can therefore be administered more efficiently and are understood better.