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Green procurement/Initiatives related to regulations for chemical substances contained in products

At the Advantest Group, our intention is to reduce environmental impact at all stages of production, including those caused by suppliers and assembly and processing companies, in our quest to develop green products. We engage in communication with our business partners, and formulated the Advantest Green Procurement Guidelines in fiscal 2002 to facilitate this process. We operate according to these guidelines in order to give consideration to the environmental aspects in addition to quality, cost, and delivery throughout the whole process of production, including the purchasing of the components and materials that are used for our products.

We have created a database from the environmental information we received from our suppliers, and are utilizing it to promote eco-friendly product manufacturing, along with the implementation of product environmental assessments.

The Basic Principles of Green Procurement
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Component Registration in Green Procurement

Regarding component registration, we are conducting environmental studies of the procured components, with the cooperation of our suppliers. We investigate the components to find out if they contain chemical substances that can burden the environment, and promote green procurement initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Banned and Restricted Substances

Advantest specifies the chemical substances that are prohibited from inclusion in our products or otherwise subject to restriction based on the IEC 62474 standard.

The hazardous substance survey for suppliers


Hazardous substance
questionnaire meeting

With the July 2011 revision of the RoHS Directive and the addition of electrical and electronic products-related regulations, Advantest revised its hazardous substance questionnaire. To help our suppliers submit accurate and quick responses to the questionnaire, we have held regular meetings to explain its content and how to fill it in.