Intellectual Property Protection Intellectual Property Protection


Intellectual property management system

In relation to intellectual property, Advantest's overarching policy is to observe all laws and regulations and to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. The system illustrated below was developed to ensure that intellectual property is managed appropriately on a global basis.

In fiscal 2014, we will construct a unified patent portfolio to optimize the Advantest Group's number and quality of patents.

Intellectual property management system

Employee training related to intellectual property

To heighten awareness of each and every one of our employees towards intellectual property, Advantest is moving to base training content around continuous service milestones, while ensuring that it more closely pertains to the work of respective individuals.

During fiscal 2013, we trained all new employees in basic intellectual property literacy. We also created an educational program utilizing the e-learning system and incorporated it into training.

Beginning in fiscal 2014, we are going to provide regular training to all employees. A more specialized program will be developed for personnel engaged in operations requiring detailed knowledge of intellectual property rights, and we will continue our activities to instill a greater depth of knowledge about intellectual property issues in the Company.

Litigation and disputes relating to intellectual property

Not applicable as of March 31, 2014.