Maintaining and Creating Employment Maintaining and Creating Employment


Status of employment

The Advantest Group pledges in its basic policy to respect the human rights of every employee and eliminate all forms of discrimination on the grounds of race, creed, gender, nationality, religion, physical disability, etc. Moreover, we are eliminating discrimination from recruitment and employee compensation practices, and striving to hire, cultivate, and promote personnel who will shine on the global stage.

The number of employees is shown below.
The integration of Verigy into Advantest operations in July 2011 greatly increased the number of foreign employees.

Status of employment

Active use of older employees

Since April 2006, when the age at which national pensions are awarded was raised, it has been mandatory to take steps toward employing older workers up to the age of 65. Accompanying this change, Advantest has revised its re-employment system for older individuals and is responding flexibly to such people desiring employment. Our re-employment activities entail deciding on employment packages and job postings most suitable for actively taking advantage of the skills and know-how possessed by older adults.

Users of the re-employment system (Advantest Corporation)

Employment of people with disabilities

Advantest Green Corporation (AGC) was established in September 2004 as a special subsidiary of Advantest for the purpose of promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Since then, AGC has been striving to offer job opportunities for and continuous employment of people with disabilities under the slogan, "Support employee independence and achieve social growth in partnership with the local community." We provide AGC employees with a pleasant working environment in operations such as landscaping, cleaning, reception duties, selling bread, deliveries, and the management of dormitories. Advantest also actively takes part in various activities in partnership with local communities and relevant organizations to create workplaces where all employees, regardless of their disability status, can work comfortably.

To expand employment opportunities for the disabled, we are taking steps to make the workplace environment more conducive to their needs by, for example, standardizing work procedures, introducing equipment replenishment systems, and taking other initiatives to streamline tasks. We are also considering moves into new job categories, bringing vocational trainees on board, holding on-site workshops, and otherwise pursuing initiatives that will carry over to new employment.

Advantest Group employment rate of people with disabilities (Japan)