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Advantest's measurement technology supports Industrial and social development

In the 60 years since Advantest was founded, measurement technology has been the cornerstone of our business. We entered the semiconductor test market in the 1970s, and are now the world's leading company in this arena. Advantest's semiconductor test systems are used to test the semiconductors in smartphones, computers, and automobiles, among other products. They ensure quality standards and prevent defective products from reaching the marketplace. Advantest's measurement technology is closely linked to the safety and security of the people who use these end products — which is to say, almost all of us.

In the last 60 years, industrial technology and the relationship between society and technology have undergone a stunning evolution. Based on our management philosophy of "Technology support on the leading edge," we look forward to contributing to industrial and social development through measurement technology for another 60 years, and more.


Building on our technological heritage to offer new measurement solutions

The first principle in Advantest's Code of Conduct is that of "courageous challenge." When we take the challenge of advancing into a new market, we aim to become the leading company in that market. Making use of our amassed technologies in the field of measurement, we now produce systems not only for semiconductor testing, but also other manufacturing processes, and we are presently taking on fresh challenges in other fields.

For example, our non-destructive terahertz analysis systems are starting to be used in applications including pharmaceutical testing, biotechnology, and material development. In April 2014, we established an independent business unit to pursue and expand these business opportunities. Now we are working towards the launch of new businesses in other fields, such as module level test solutions for solid state drives (SSDs), ; system level test software for smartphones and tablet computers; and a revolutionary on-demand testing service known as CloudTestingTM Service.

Using the technology we have amassed over the years to deliver innovative solutions, we plan to further expand our activities into the growth fields of healthcare and energy, among others.


Business and CSR Synergies

Advantest clearly states our "master the essentials" management philosophy and Code of Conduct as well as its basic plan for CSR in The ADVANTEST Way. These elements form a single ethical framework that shapes our business. We emphasize respect for stakeholders and social harmony, and actively contribute to the goal of a sustainable society. Environmental issues occupy a prominent place in our CSR. Under the Advantest Group's Sixth Environmental Action Plan, Group companies throughout the world share a vision and direction that propel their activities. Not only have major overseas subsidiaries acquired ISO14001 certification, but we have also purchased renewable electricity certificates in the United States, increased use of renewable energy by installing solar power panels at our Cheonan Factory in South Korea, and reduced electricity use and waste output at various facilities. Our certified green products use less electricity and are easily recycled.

In 2013, we also responded to the issue of conflict minerals by surveying our suppliers on these minerals in tandem with an industry association and disclosing the results.

We have adopted the concept behind ISO26000, the international standard on CSR. By launching products and services keyed to social issues as well as technological needs, we realize synergies between our business activities and CSR.

Advantest plans for the long term. We believe that we can only enhance our corporate value by growing hand-in-hand with society in the broad sense.

We look forward to the continued support of our shareholders and other stakeholders in this ongoing endeavor.