Statement on EU-RoHS Directive Statement on EU-RoHS Directive

In complying with environmental laws and regulations, the Advantest Group is working toward eliminating use of hazardous materials while also pursuing environmental conservation efforts that entail reducing consumption of energy and resources. More specifically, we have been working with our suppliers since September 2003 on initiatives to investigate and eliminate use of restricted hazardous materials.

We are in compliance with the European RoHS Directive*.
Advantest's semiconductor testers and handlers are classified as Large-Scale Stationary Industrial Tools (LSSIT) and as such are exempt from the EU-RoHS directive. Nevertheless, on the basis of our commitment to environmental conservation we continue working toward further elimination of hazardous substances from these product lines.

* Certain exemptions aside, the European Union Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment and respective revisions currently restrict the use of six substances in such products:

  • Lead (Pb)
  • Hexavalent chromium (Cr VI)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)
  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)