AirLogger™ WM1000 Wireless Data Logger


Wireless Data Logger Maximizes Efficiency, Enables Temperature Measurement of Moving Objects

In the automotive industry, and many other manufacturing and R&D fields, temperature measurement and evaluation are normally performed with data loggers whose measurement units and data processing units are connected by cables. The time wastage involved in set-up and teardown has impelled demand for a more efficient method of temperature measurement.

Advantest's new AirLoggerTM WM1000 offers a revolutionary solution to these problems with fully wireless operation. It supports temperature measurement of smaller objects and moving objects, and also enables simultaneous measurement of multiple points.


Fully Wireless Design Dramatically Boosts Efficiency

The AirLoggerTM's sensor unit, which incorporates a thermocouple data processor, wirelessly sends temperature data to a PC for display and saving. The WM1000 dramatically boosts efficiency by freeing users from the constraints of working with data cables.  

Measures Temperatures of Rotating / Moving Objects  

The AirLoggerTM enables easy temperature measurement for formerly difficult-to-measure targets such as revolving tires and other moving objects. Temperatures can be logged across a broad area, all without cables. 

Real-Time Simultaneous Measurement of Temperatures at Multiple Points

The WM1000 can measure temperatures at a maximum of 100 points simultaneously in real time. Measurement points can be dispersed across a broad area.

Compact Body, No AC Power Source Required

The WM1000 uses a button battery for its power supply, and its receiver charges via USB connection to a PC. The flexibility to measurement temperatures in environments with no power outlets enables diverse applications.

Complies with US and Japanese Standards

The WM1000 complies with FCC rules and is certified under Japan's Technical Regulations Conformity System, allowing it to be used in the United States and Japan.

Moving / Rotating Objects
  • Ideal for logging the temperatures of spinning tires and running engines
  • Measurement units can be placed behind dashboards and in other areas where cables cannot reach
  • Measure temperatures inside & outside a car and in the engine compartment on one PC

Small Spaces
  • No need for bulky measurement instruments
  • Easy thermostream measurement setup
  • Measure changes in heat generated during device operation, and perform thermostatic chamber temperature inspections
Large Areas
  • Measure temperatures in/around polytunnels and solar panels
  • Measure temperatures at multiple points on the exterior of protective clothing


The WM1000 wireless data logger is a wireless temperature logger. It measures temperatures with a child unit called a sensor unit, and sends measurement data wirelessly to a PC (personal computer) that has a parent unit called a PC transmission unit connected to it.

The transmitted data is all recorded on the PC, and files can be easily moved, complete with timestamps.

The temperature measurement sensor (sensor unit) utilizes a thermocouple enabling measurement of a wide range of temperatures (-200℃~1300℃, K type thermocouple). Moreover, one PC can monitor temperatures from as many as 100 sensor units, allowing temperature trends to be monitored in real time at up to 100 separate points.

Applications for the WM1000 wireless temperature logger (data logger) are envisaged to encompass R&D and manufacturing in the automobile, electronic, and industrial machinery sectors, facilities management for pharmaceuticals and food production, temperature monitoring for goods in transit, and environmental / building monitoring. 

A Light, Ultra-Compact System

One of the advantages of the WM1000 wireless temperature logger (data logger) is that its child units, the system's temperature measurement units (sensor units), are extremely small and light-weight. Because they are extremely small and light-weight, they can be attached to moving objects to measure their temperatures. For example, temperature monitoring of automobile tyres and products on moving conveyor belts can be performed in real time. Double-sided tape and / or zip ties can be used to attach the sensor units, enabling them to be securely stabilized for stable operation.  Moreover, the sensor units are resistant to water and dust (IP549, and also has superior resistance to vibrations, making it ideal for use in a variety of fields.

Fully Wireless

The WM1000 wireless temperature logger (data logger)'s child units, the system's temperature measurement units (sensor units), are powered by batteries, making the system fully wireless, and enabling the measurement of ambient temperatures in enclosed spaces such as refrigerators and thermostatic baths. Just by placing the child units, the system's temperature measurement units (sensor units), inside a refrigerator, it is possible to measure the refrigerator's internal temperature. When performing measurement of temperatures inside an enclosed space covered with metal, such as a refrigerator, transmission distances may be very short, but by placing the parent unit, the system's PC transmission unit, near the fridge, using e.g. a long USB cable, measurement can be carried out stably. 


The WM1000 wireless temperature logger (data logger)'s software is intuitive and extremely easy to use. Even first-time users and those who have not used the system in some time will be able to start performing measurements immediately. Moreover, data is output in CSV format, giving it superior compatibility with spreadsheet software.

Start Measuring In Just 30 Seconds

The WM1000 wireless temperature logger (data logger) has an extremely simple configuration. Users need only install the software in their PC, and put batteries in the child units, the system's temperature measurement units (sensor units), to begin measuring. From launching the WM1000's software, to commencing measurement, can take as little as 30 seconds, making the system convenient for even small measurement jobs. As a data logger that is both simple to use and equipped with all necessary functions, it can be used for a broad range of applications.