SoC Test System


The Scalable SoC Test Platform

The requirements of todays industry for even higher speeds, performance and pin counts means that test systems must offer greater functionality while maintaining low cost of test. With its scalable platform architecture, the V93000 tests a wide range of devices, from low cost IoT to high end, such as advanced automotive devices or highly integrated multicore processors. Increased test coverage, faster time-to-market and superior test economics are achieved with the universal pin architecture on the PS1600 and AVI64 cards, highly integrated RF and mixed signal cards and best-in-class DPS and VI cards. Meeting todays test needs requires not only innovative technology, but also an extendable system architecture to ensure long equipment lifetime, for the greatest return on customers’ capital investment.

Advantest’s V93000 Smart Scale generation incorporates innovative per-pin testing capabilities. Each pin runs it own sequencer program for maximum flexibility and performance, for example in multisite applications. Full test processor control ensures time synchronization between all card types, like digital, Power, RF, mixed signal and so on. The user benefits are reduced test time, best repeatability and simplified program creation. The system design makes it easy to extend your configuration with new modules and instrumentation, as your test needs change.

The Ultimate Choice in Scalability



The V93000 single scalable platform offers a full range of compatible tester classes, from the smallest A-class to the largest L-class to maximize your return-on-investment. The class determines the possible size of the configuration and allows to fit the size and performance of the tested device. All features and performance points are available in all classes.



Compatibility across the whole platform

All card types fit in all test heads, which provide the same power, cooling and computer interfacing to each card, independent of tester size. DUT boards can be exchanged, as well as test programs. The scalable design is a key capability to enable outstanding device portfolio coverage and test cost advantages in one single test platform.

Capabilities when and where they are needed

Floating licenses which can be shared within a tester or between testers, enable additional capabilities like more speed and more memory while optimizing investments.

Large Installed Base

Staying focused on the single scalable platform strategy, Advantest has developed a significant installed base of V93000 test systems in both engineering and high volume manufacturing. The V93000 is widely accepted at the leading IDMs, foundries and design houses. Outsourcing IDMs and fabless companies find V93000 test capacity installed in all leading OSATs worldwide.