Terahertz wave spectroscopy and imaging analysis platform

The TAS7500TS is a Terahertz (THz) analysis system consisting of an optical fiber laser module and a data acquisition module, which are core parts of our terahertz spectroscopy system (TAS7500SP). Users complete the THz measurement system setup by simply connecting one of Advantest's THz source modules (TAS1110/TAS1130) and a detector module (TAS1230; sources and detectors sold separately). Flexible source selection and source/detector placement allows the user to generate customized experimental configurations.

Supports a wide range of terahertz research and applications

  • Super-high-speed terahertz optical sampling measurement (1msec/scan)
  • Fiber pigtails enable flexible layout of THz source/detector modules and optical sampling system


  • 1msec/scan super-high-speed terahertz optical sampling measurement (TAS7500TS)
  • Flexible configuration of THz source/detector modules and optical components
  • Up to 4 meter optical path length
  • Configure with up to 2 different THz source and 2 detector modules (Optional)
  • Low frequency, standard and broadband coverage THz wave detectors