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By continually refining our core technologies, Advantest expands the frontiers of measurement.
We Guarantee the Future

Since our founding in 1954, Advantest has built a portfolio of successful businesses on groundbreaking measurement technology that is the hallmark of our brand. Our flagship products, semiconductor test systems, continue to contribute worldwide to consumer safety, satisfaction and security by ensuring that the devices found in the products we rely upon daily, from smartphones and cars, to medical instruments and more, perform as expected.

Now, Advantest is expanding beyond the boundaries of the semiconductor industry by bringing our technologies to bear on new measurement challenges. From new system level test products for sensor modules that enable the Internet of Things, and SSDs used in the high-speed data centers that power the internet itself, as well as electron beam measurement equipment and e-beam lithography tools for nanoscale manufacturing, we are providing the solutions needed to guarantee the performance of future technologies.

Our new product markets represent avenues of opportunity where the core technologies we have amassed over the decades can open doors to future innovation. The measurement of voltage, current, and time is fundamental to modern manufacturing. Advantest raises this science to an art, promising customer satisfaction in every sector we serve.

Yoshiaki Yoshida
Representative Director, President & CEO

Jan 2017