The ADVANTEST Way & 行動規範 The ADVANTEST Way & 行動規範


Corporate Mission

Enabling the Leading-Edge Technology

We will continuously improve ourselves so that we can offer technology, products and services that will satisfy our customers worldwide, and contribute to development of society through development of the most advanced technology.

Corporate Mantra

Quest for the Essence

We will invariably pursue the sources of phenomena and seek their essence, so that we can find correct solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

In line with our Corporate Mission and Corporate Mantra, we at Advantest aim to achieve a sustainable level of business development while enhancing our corporate value.

ADVANTEST respects each of its stakeholders and strives to maintain harmony with society in all its operations while contributing to the goal of a sustainable society.

  • We work in harmony with society to preserve the environment and reduce our footprint.
  • We strive to consistently deliver high-quality products and services to our customers.
  • We appropriately return profits to our shareholders and disclose information appropriately to our investors.
  • We are committed to cooperation with our suppliers in the interests of mutual prosperity.
  • We treat our employees fairly, and constantly endeavor to improve their working environment.

The Code of Conduct

Six Principles

  1. Challenge with courage.
    We will boldly challenge without fearing failure in every area, including technological development. We wish to be pioneers in unexplored areas. We value innovation, and will always aim at being the leader in our fields of endeavor.
  2. Increase communication with an open mind.
    We understand that close communication is vital to success. Within the organization with our employees and outside of the organization with our customers, suppliers and other business-related persons or entities, we will actively promote the exchange of information and the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We will strive to eliminate any sectionalism and bureaucracy.
  3. Enhance our own competence and use it to a maximum extent.
    We will work hard to improve our competence to obtain expertise and extensive education. We will actively nurture human resources.
  4. Provide our customers with satisfaction and a feeling of security.
    We always think about technology, products and services needed by our customers, so that we can offer total solutions. We will strive to satisfy our customers and provide them with a feeling of security in the quality, pricing and delivery date of our products and services.
  5. Be aware of social responsibility and act in good faith.
    We are aware of the fact that the conduct of each of us will reflect on the company, and we will conduct ourselves in such a manner that we can be trusted by society.
  6. Act with a global viewpoint.
    We will have a wide point of view, and act always with a global perspective in our minds. According to the idea of symbiosis, we will respect the cultures and customs of different countries, and conform to the laws and rules of each country.

Ethical Standards

1. Be a Good Corporate Citizen

  • (1) We will conform to all laws and company rules so that we will not perform any act that may obstruct the activities of the company or that may be a nuisance to society.
  • (2) We will contribute to society by, as individuals, striving to play an active communicative role in the local society. This in turn will form the basis for our company to become a good corporate citizen in all localities.
  • (3) We will inform all companies who we carry out business with, about our ethical standards and we will endeavor to gain their understanding of our policy. We will also request that each company carry out similar activities.

2. Respect Human Rights

  • (1) We will respect the human rights of every person and eliminate any discrimination based on race, beliefs, gender, nationality, religion, physical disability, or any other reasons.
  • (2) We will employ only people who meet the legal minimum age standards for labor and we will not be involved in illegal forced labor.
  • (3) We will aim to build a strong relationship of trust through good communication between employees and management and we aim for employees and the company to collaborate with each other to grow and develop together.
  • (4) We will strive to maintain a comfortable working environment and will support the development of individuality in the interests of our own health, safety and sound development.
  • (5) We will not allow sexual or any other harassment of employees, in our words or deeds, nor conduct that is against the will of or causes offence to another person.
  • (6) We will respect personal privacy. However, appropriate measures will be taken for suspected conduct of employees that may cause adverse influence on the interests or reputation of the company. When personal information must be processed in the normal course of business, such information will be processed with adequate care to protect privacy.
  • (7) We will abide by all ordinances and corporate regulations pertaining to the processing of personal information, and take all necessary cautions to prevent the leakage and/or improper use of said information.

3. Protect the Global Environment

  • (1) Under the ADVANTEST Environmental Policies, we will work on versatile and comprehensive activities to protect the global environment, so that we can fulfill our responsibility as a company and contribute to society.

4. Quality and Safety

  • (1) We will promote quality control in the company so that we can provide maximum satisfaction to our customers with our products and services.
  • (2) We will ensure the safety of our products and services. When an accident occurs or a customer complains, we will take appropriate action to minimize the damage, including investigating the causes of the accident or complaint and instituting measures to prevent a reoccurrence.

5. Information Disclosure

  • (1) For healthy corporate activities and to obtain trust from society, we will appropriately disclose any necessary information through specified procedures.

6. Appropriate Accounting and Taxation Processing

  • (1) We will perform appropriate accounting and taxation processing according to applicable laws related to accounting and taxation, accounting rules, and company rules.
  • (2) We will implement internal controls such that we can offer concrete assurances of our fulfillment of the following goals: obedience to all ordinances bearing on our corporate activities; credible financial reporting; effective and efficient conduct of our tasks.

7. Resist Antisocial Forces and Movements

  • (1) We will have absolutely no relationships with antisocial forces and movements, such as organized crime groups.
  • (2) We will adamantly refuse to purchase literature from, make contributions or pay membership fees to or comply with any other demands of antisocial forces and movements.

8. Truthful Publicity

  • (1) We will perform accurate and truthful publicity activities, including any advertising in brochures and sales promotion kits of our products and services.

9. Fair Trade with Customers

  • (1) We will conform to the laws of Japan and other countries in which we operate in order to perform fair trade in all markets.
  • (2) Under no circumstances will we perform any unfair deeds, such as making illegal agreements or mutual consent with other companies, regarding pricing and quantity of products and services.
  • (3) We will not perform any unfair deeds, such as providing customers with information different from the facts or with misleading information, regarding products and services from other companies as well as our own products and services.

10. Fair Trade with Suppliers

  • (1) When selecting suppliers, we will exercise fair and reasonable judgment in assessing various business conditions, such as pricing, quality and delivery date.
  • (2) We will perform fair trade in business with suppliers by conforming to all agreed-upon conditions, including the contract.
  • (3) We will not perform reciprocal trade with suppliers, such as requiring them to purchase our products or services.
  • (4) We will not place unfair pressure on suppliers, nor coerce them into unfair transactions by utilizing any advantageous position we might have with them.

11. Gifts, Entertainment and Political Contributions

  • (1) We will neither receive from nor provide to our customers, suppliers or any other persons or companies that we transact business with, any article of value, cash or other gift exceeding generally accepted value. We will neither receive nor provide excessive entertainment.
  • (2) We will not take any part in bribery with our customers, our suppliers or any other persons we have dealings with.
  • (3) We will not make any donations to politicians or political organizations, apart from those permitted by law.

12. Relationships with Distributors

  • (1) In our dealings with our distributors, we will not attempt to maintain prices for our products and services by acting intrusively or oppressively.
  • (2) In our dealings with our distributors, we will not place unfair pressure on them, nor coerce them into unfair transactions by utilizing our advantageous position vis-a-vis them.

13. International Trade

  • (1) In conducting international trade, we will conform to the laws related to import and export.
  • (2) We will follow the procedures required by law when exporting freight and/or technology (software, drawings, reference materials, instructions, etc.) subject to export regulations.
  • (3) We will fully understand and implement in-house export control rules and criteria.

14. Protection of Assets and Confidentiality

  • (1) We will protect and manage Advantest's tangible assets and intellectual property rights (patents, design proposals, designs, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) of the company. We will neither abuse them nor carelessly lose them.
  • (2) We will not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • (3) We will not leak confidential information of the company, nor that of our customers, suppliers or persons or companies related to business.

15. Appropriate Use of Computer Systems

  • (1) In accordance with the Information Security Basic Policy, we will use Advantest's computer systems (e.g. hardware, software, networks, storage media including hard disks, floppy disks, and CD-ROMs, documentation, and manuals) in such a way as to maintain their confidentiality, integrity, and availability*1.
    *1 Availability : the condition of being available for use, uncompromised by viruses or illegitimate accessing.
  • (2) When using computer software, we will conform to the content of contracts and will not violate the copyrights for such software by illegal duplication or any other method.
  • (3) In the company, we will use only computer software necessary for performing tasks. In particular, we will not use illegal software.
  • (4) We will not use the Internet to access information unrelated to the performance of our work tasks, nor will we create such homepages.
  • (5) We will not use the corporate mail system for purposes unrelated to the performance of our duties.

16. Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

  • (1) We will not behave in such a manner as to damage the company or customers for the sake of personal benefit.
  • (2) We will not perform so-called insider trading, namely purchasing/selling of shares by using unpublished internal information obtained through implementation of tasks.