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Integrated Power Device Test solution (IPS) and new IGBT test solution target automotive ICs with cost-effective, multi-site capabilities

TOKYO, JAPAN - October 28, 2010 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced that two new power device test solutions for its flagship SoC test system, the T2000, will be available from January 2011.The new Integrated Power Device Test Solution (IPS) incorporates a high-power module, a Matrix Module and a High-Voltage Mixed-Signal Module that deliver a comprehensive, configurable solution for “one-stop” test of multifunctional power ICs such as those used in automotive and consumer electronics. The solution is supported by a dedicated set of software-tools developed to serve the specific test requirements of this industry. The new IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) test solution is an integrated solution enabling users to force and measure very high currents and voltages for reliability test of the IGBT power devices widely used in automotive and other applications.

Bolstered by the increasing popularity of hybrid and electric automobiles, mixed-signal devices and power management ICs now account for an expanding percentage of the semiconductor market, playing a key role in building greater intelligence and lower power consumption into the process of vehicle development. Likewise, emerging economies such as BRICs and VISTA, now make up a growing market for electronics and household appliances, adding to the increase in demand for power switches and other widely used types of power ICs. Advantest’s new integrated power device test solutions (IPS) meet an urgent need for cost-effective power device reliability test.


Integrated Power Device Test Solution(IPS)

Advantest’s new integrated power device test solution (IPS) builds upon analog technology inherited during the company’s 2008 acquisition of Credence Systems GmbH (CSG), then a trusted provider of automotive IC test systems. Synergizing this technology with the highly reliable test technology Advantest developed for its own T7700 series mixed-signal testers, the new solution provides easier, more efficient test of multisite power devices within the open-architecture T2000 environment.

Previous test systems for automotive mixed signal devices and power management ICs required users to exchange modules for each test category, such as DC test, functional test, and time measurement, leading to longer debug times, limitations on multisite test capability, and the proliferation of peripheral circuits on test boards.

The new integrated power device test solution from Advantest combines multiple test functions on one module, enabling multisite test capability 4x greater than previously achieved. This level of functionality becomes more critical as the the number of channels on a given device increase in proportion to the number of chips incorporated into automobiles to improve passenger safety, convenience and in-car entertainment With Advantest’s new power device test solutions, manufacturers can now customize their test systems with a High-Power Module, a High-Voltage Mixed Signal Module and a Matrix Module to enable devices with varying numbers of channels to be tested in an optimal configuration.

IGBT Test Solution

With the growing demand for IGBT devices used in power switches and other applications, there is a clear need for the ability to flexibly test varying types of modules in a single platform configuration.

IGBTs, manufactured largely in Japan and the EU, were previously tested with electronic measuring instruments. However, the diversification of IGBT products, including smaller and higher voltage devices, increases the need for a test system capable of easy programming and module changes, while lowering test cost.

Advantest’s new IGBT test solution takes advantage of the flexibility of the T2000 platform to provide the optimal solution for IGBT chip and IPM (integrated power module) test, incorporating a high-power unit and a high-voltage module. It further lowers test cost by enabling parallel test of multiple medium- and low-power devices.

Key Specifications

Integrated Power Device Test Solution (IPS)

Multifunctional High-Voltage Mixed Signal Module (MMXH)
Pin Count 32Ch (Digital / Analog)
Test Speed Max. 40Mbps
Voltage Range (Digital) -2V to 24V
Voltage Range (Analog) -30V to 85V
Multifunctional Floating High-Power Module (MFHP)
Pin Count 6
Voltage Range -80V to 80V (Up to 160V)
Current Range (Individual) 4A (DC) / 12A (pulse)
Current Range (Gang Mode) 24A (DC) / 72A (pulse)
Multifunctional Crosspoint Matrix Module (MPCM)

72-Port Power Matrix

IGBT Test Solution

High-Current Unit 600A
High Voltage Source/Leakage Current Measurement module Up to 2000V / 30mA

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