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2011-08-26 00:00:00.0 CSR

On July 23rd, sixteen employees and their families from Advantest Taiwan Inc. (ATI) participated in an environmental education workshop held at the Tzu Chi Environmental Protection Education Center (Hsinchu City).

Tzu Chi is an organization established by Priestess Zheng Yen in Taiwan in 1996. It set up the Tzu Chi Foundation for the purposes of contributing to charity, healthcare and education. Volunteers in 47 countries worldwide and 372 companies in Taiwan and overseas participate in the Foundation's activities today, and environmental education offered by the Tzu Chi Environmental Protection Education Center is also supported by the cooperation of many volunteers.

In the workshop ATI attended, the participants first learned the ways to segregate different types of waste, followed by their participation in the process of making eco-friendly blankets. They sorted out used PET bottles, which were to be the blankets' material, by color, removed the caps and the rings left on the opening of the bottles, and stomped and squashed the bottles to reduce their volumes. The participants learned that waste can be our important resource, and that the segregation of waste is essential to fully utilize such resource. They also found significant values in social contributions when they watched the way the volunteers worked for free.

ATI will continue to find its ways to participate in the activities related to environmental education and CSR in the future.

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