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Supports 1Xnm Node Photomask Patterning, Lithography Simulation, EDA Links

TOKYO, Japan - November 19, 2013 - Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) has announced the launch of its new E3640 MVM-SEM® (Multi Vision Metrology Scanning Electron Microscope) tool for measurement of patterns on photomasks and other media at dimensions as small as 1Xnm.

A new entry in Advantest's widely-adopted E3600 Series of SEM systems, the E3640 delivers significantly improved measurement accuracy and higher throughput. Its industry-best pattern measurement capability supports the coming shift to the 1Xnm node for semiconductor volume production. In addition to photomasks for standard semiconductor lithography, the E3640 also offers enhanced metrology performance for EUV masks, NIL templates, and patterned media.

Amid rising demand from the mobile device segment of the end-user market, the semiconductor industry is expected to shift mass production to the 1Xnm process in the near future. This shift will stimulate new requirements for stable, highly accurate pattern dimension measurement at these extremely small scales. The E3640 satisfies these requirements with industry-leading precision measurement capabilities and upgraded functionality that enhances mask R&D and production efficiency.

The E3640 is scheduled to be available from June 2014. It will be exhibited at Advantest's booth at SEMICON Japan 2013, to be held on December 4-6, 2013, at Makuhari Messe, near Tokyo.



Key Features

1Xnm Process Coverage

The E3640 utilizes a new electro-optical lens and upgraded signal processing hardware to deliver significantly improved measurement replication performance, compared to the previous system. 1Xnm node mask process development and production evaluation are now enabled. Meanwhile, the new system maintains software compatibility with other E3600 Series products, allowing users to effectively utilize existing software assets.

Support for Lithography Simulation

The E3640 can be linked with lithography simulation tools that assist developers to design mask patterns by simulating how photomask patterns will print onto wafers. The system feeds back essential pattern information through its link with the simulation tool.

Links with EDA Tools

The E3640 can also be linked with EDA tools to receive information about the coordinates and topography of areas to be measured. This enables more accurate measurement of "hot spots" (complex or extremely small patterns that are difficult to correct on-mask), contributing to improved mask development throughput.

3D Measurement

The E3640 inherits the proprietary algorithms and multi-detector configuration developed by Advantest for the E3630, facilitating real-time 3D observation and measurement of pattern widths, heights, and side wall angles.

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