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Advantest Announces Industry's Smallest, Lightest PC-Mounted Board Network Analyzer Expanded Frequency Range Offers Broader Functionality

TOKYO, Japan, February 25, 2010 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced availability of its new, ultra-miniature PC-mounted board network analyzer, the R3755A, for evaluation of the frequency characteristics of antennas, ceramic oscillators, crystal oscillators, and other components used in a broad range of electronics.

Expanded Functionality, Compact Body Help to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

The expansion of emerging economies, led by China and India, continues to drive robust sales of computers, flat-panel televisions, cellular phones, and other consumer electronics, supporting forecasts of increasing demand for electric components used in these products. Meanwhile, makers of consumer electronics are experiencing price pressure that contributes to greater-than-ever incentives for component makers to reduce costs. Advantest's new R3755A meets these needs with its low power consumption, compact dimensions, and comprehensive functionality, now supporting frequency characteristics test of ceramic oscillators as well as a wide variety of other wireless components.

Features and Benefits

  1. Industry's Smallest, Lightest Board Network Analyzer Consumes 40% Less Power
    The R3755A incorporates the board design developed by Advantest for its crystal oscillator network analyzer, the R3755, in a 50% more compact body, enabling its energy consumption to be reduced by 40%. With an expanded frequency range compared to previous models, the R3755A now boasts the ability to test the frequency characteristics of ceramic oscillators and tuning fork type crystal oscillators, as well as other device types supported to date. Its PC-mounted form factor allows users to construct a measurement environment on existing computers, contributing significantly to cost savings and manufacturing efficiency.
  2. Easily customizable measurement environment
    The R3755A supports Microsoft Windows®*, enabling users to develop application software with customizable parameters.

∗: Microsoft Windows® is either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Key Specifications

Frequency Characteristics Range 10 kHz to 300 MHz
Output Characteristics Range 18 dBm to -43 dBm (over 1 MHz)
0 dBm to -20 dBm (under 1 MHz)
Measurement Parameters A/R
Mounting Requirements 1 half-size PCI slot
Input / Output Standard parallel I/O ports

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