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2009-10-30 00:00:00.0 CSR

Advantest Kyushu Systems (AQS) accepted 12 students from Kyushu University and 5 students from the Kyushu Institute of Technology for hands-on learning by experience.

AQS liaised with “IKKAN,” a company-collaborated HR development project hosted by the Kyushu Semiconductor Industries & Technology Innovation Association (SIIQ), with the objectives of increasing the competitiveness of semiconductor industry by providing university students with consistent experience in learning the entire cycle of semiconductor fabrication. This was the first time for AQS to participate in this project.

Those students who participated in the project this time gave such comments that “I was able to engage in learning the semiconductor test equipment in detail,” and that “it provided me with a wonderful experience of being part of the actual fabrication site, which our campus cannot offer.”

We would like to continuously make contribution to our community and society and provide support for education through our business.

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