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Apr 17, 2018 Sustainability

Advantest has published the 8th volume of its online biodiversity journal, the Biotope Quarterly Spring 2018 issue is available here.

Our eighth issue of the Biotope Quarterly focuses on 17 kinds of flowers that can be seen in February and March.

- The wind and birds support the flowers of the early spring
- Spring flowers of the biotope
- Spring events in the biotope: Susuki grass cutting and reed gathering
- Encountered on a snowy day in the biotope: Weasel
- Successful photographing of a great spotted woodpecker

The Biotope Quarterly raises awareness of the rich biodiversity of Advantest's biotope, established in line with Advantest's theme of coexistence with nature at the company's Gunma R&D Center. One of the largest biotopes to be created by a company in Japan, the Advantest biotope measures 17,000㎡. It aims to bring back to life the traditional rural landscape of the Kanto Plain. Guided by a focus on ponds, wetlands and streams, the company has planted aquatic plants and trees that blend with the surrounding natural environment and contribute to reviving its biodiversity.

The publication will be of interest to conservationists, stakeholders, and the general public.

Learn more about the biotope:

  • Butterbur flowers
  • Weasel in snowy biotope

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