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2009-08-07 00:00:00.0 CSR

On March 18th, Advantest Europe GmbH (AEG) held a company tour for the Japanese university students.

Japanese students visit and homestay in Amerang, Germany, frequently to learn the German language and culture.

Since AEG wanted those students to learn more about the company, it held the company tour on March 18th.

Twenty-two university students participated in the tour and observed the manufacturing process and the R&D site.

The university students and AEG's employees also used the German language to exchange their views on cultures in each other's countries. The students asked the Japanese employee, who works at AEG, some questions about the content of his work and listened to his speech on his experience. Everyone had a fun and productive time.

We will continue to utilize these opportunities to facilitate our communication with many students in the future.

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