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2011-06-24 06:48:00.0 Topics

TOKYO, Japan, – June 24, 2011 – Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced at its 69th Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders that changes have been made to its board of directors. New executive officers have also been appointed, as follows:


Chairman of the Board and
Representative Director
Toshio Maruyama
Representative Director Haruo Matsuno
Director Naoyuki Akikusa
Director Yasushige Hagio
Director Yuichi Kurita
Director Shinichiro Kuroe
Director Sae Bum Myung (newly appointed)

Corporate Auditors

Standing Corporate Auditor Yuri Morita
Standing Corporate Auditor Akira Hatakeyama (newly appointed)
Corporate Auditor Megumi Yamamuro
Corporate Auditor Masamichi Ogura (newly appointed)

Executive Officers

President and CEO Haruo Matsuno*
Senior Executive Officer Yuichi Kurita*
Managing Executive Officer Shinichiro Kuroe*
Managing Executive Officer Sae Bum Myung* (promoted)
Managing Executive Officer Hiroshi Nakamura
Managing Executive Officer Yoshiaki Yoshida
Managing Executive Officer
Masao Shimizu
Managing Executive Officer Hideaki Imada (promoted)
Executive Officer Yasuhiro Kawata
Executive Officer Takashi Sugiura
Executive Officer Takashi Sekino
Executive Officer Soichi Tsukakoshi
Executive Officer Josef Schrätzenstaller
Executive Officer R. Keith Lee
Executive Officer Makoto Nakahara (newly appointed)
Executive Officer Toshiyuki Okayasu (newly appointed)

∗: also a Director