AirLogger™ Series Products AirLogger™ Series Products

Model Features Unit
  • Measures temperatures
    with simple operation
  • Sensing Innovation
    (Operates on button battery)
  • Simultaneous measurement
    at a maximum of 100 points
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Excellent environmental durability
  • Approved for export to the US,
    China, and Vietnam.


PC Communication Unit/Temperature Measurement Unit


  • One unit can measure two points,
    temperature or voltage
  • Amazing Compact Size
  • Real-time Simultaneous Measurement
    at a Maximum of 700 points
  • Simultaneous Measurement by
    Combining Diverse Types of
    Measurement Units
  • Exclusive waterproof attachment
    (IP54 applicable)
  • Internal memory equipped
  • Power on/off with software switch
  • Approved for export to China,
    Vietnam, US, EU, Thailand