Advanced Probe Cards

Advantest Advanced Probe Card product portfolio addresses all memory device applications—NOR/SPI and NAND Flash and DRAM, in 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes. Our innovative solutions begin with a unique Silicon MEMS Probe structure. Our probe provides superior mechanical properties and compression dynamics, enabling increased probe density, high current carrying capability and superior DUT bond pad contact performance.

Key Technology Advantages

  • Peristyle probe cards provide a full 300mm probe head architecture

    Built with a monolithic ceramic MEMS probe head, Peristyle probe cards begin with a single 300mm diameter ceramic substrate. And, the multi-layer stack-up of MEMS probe metallization on a Silicon base material delivers precise 3D geometries and an extremely robust probe structure. This architecture provides accurate scrub mark positioning at large temperature ranges, and superior thermal performance. These features add up to increased throughput and improved yields on wafers tested. Its multi-layer space transformer technology provides increased routing flexibility and electrical performance in a low cost architecture.

  • Wafer probe with fewer touchdowns and ultimately only one touchdown per wafer

    Fewer touchdowns per wafer to test all devices on the wafer results in higher throughput and increased efficiency reducing your Cost of Test.

  • We can replace individual probes anywhere on the probe head

    In the event one or more probes are damaged during use or handling, individual probes can be replaced anywhere in the active probe array, providing additional cost savings and extending the life of your probe card.

  • img_Advanced-Probe-Cards_01SD300 NOR Flash probe card for the Advantest V series memory tester
  • img_Advanced-Probe-Cards_02SP300 DRAM probe card for the Advantest T series memory tester
  • img_Advanced-Probe-Cards_03SiFi Silicon MEMS probes on 300mm ceramic substrate