Memory Test Systems


High-efficiency, Low-cost Testing of High Speed NAND Flash Memory

The mobile device market, including smart phones and tablet PCs, continues to grow, bolstered by the growing demand for music and game downloads on mobile phones and an increase in diversity of application content. Along with these trends, memory components in mobile devices continue to grow in capacity and speed, resulting in rising demand for NAND flash memory, particularly for high-speed interfaces such as toggle switches and ONFI. The T5773 Memory Test System makes high-efficiency, low-cost testing possible for all NAND flash memory types, from traditional to high-speed interface.

Capable of Testing up to 768 Units in Parallel at Speeds up to 400Mbps

The T5773 utilizes optimal “per-site” architecture in NAND flash memory testing, enabling up to 768 units to be tested in parallel. Also, because the speed required by NAND flash memory for toggle switches, ONFI and other interfaces, is much higher than that of traditional NAND flash, the T5773's speed of up to 400Mbps makes it the ideal testing solution for these devices. The T5773 also features source-synchronous comparison capability, making comparison testing ? traditionally quite difficult ? easier and faster.

Over 50% Reduction in Cost

To meet demands for test cost reductions in production, the T5773's functionality is ideally suited to NAND flash memory testing. Increasing test method efficiency has brought shorter test times, enabling a greater than 50% reduction in COT (cost of test) over traditional Advantest products.



T5773ES for Engineering Stations

The T5773ES incorporates all capabilities of the T5773 into a smaller configuration for engineering stations. This avails a lower cost option for test-program development and device evaluation and analysis. It also contributes to a reduced TAT (turn around time) from R&D to device production.