V93000 SmarTest 8 Basic User Training V93000 SmarTest 8 Basic User Training


Course Lecture & Lab Duration 5 days
Price Contact Training Center, Germany
  • Understanding of electronic device/circuitry
  • Fundamental semiconductor device test knowledge
  • Solid SW knowledge, preferable Java or C programming, for Java basics (Java self study material)
  • Linux environment
  • Linux programming basics
Learning objective

Enable students to create semiconductor test programs on the V93000 test platform under SmarTest 8 software.
The intent is to provide the skills required to utilize the V93000 tester platform as an integral tool in the engineering and production flows of semiconductor device manufacturing.
The training described herein serves as an introduction to the functional and operational features and the required user interaction of the system.


After completion the student will be familiar with the following:


  • Key concepts and components of the V93000 system
  • Understanding of the SmarTest8 SW concepts and how to use them
  • Setup of test programs using the SmarTest 8 features
  • Pin configuration setup of levels, timing and vectors
  • Operating sequence, testflow, test methods, debugging tools and concepts
  • DC testing, shmoo tools, data logging, test tables, utility lines