N8510 N8510


Measuring Brillouin scattered light of an optical fiber cable for strain measurement, N8510 enables extensive high-accuracy monitoring for the early detection of cracks in concrete structures, landslides on slopes along roads, and riverbank collapse.

This is a highly reliable low cost system utilizing Advantest's unique high-sensitivity coherent wave detection technology and optical switching device technology that has a high extinction ratio in order to achieve improved strain measurement reproducibility, longer distance measurements, reduced measuring time, and higher performance overall.

  • Takes highly-reproducible strain measurements, allowing users to obtain stable data even when taking repeated measurements.
  • Connects to up to 16 optical fiber sensors and automatically switches them for measurements in a wide area.
  • Accomplishes high repeatability, allowing users to obtain stable data even when taking repeated measurements.
  • Accomplishes a wide dynamic range to produce stable measurement results in a short time.
  • Operates without mechanical movement, which provides the high reliability required for long time.


Data sheet

Measurement functions Strain distance distribution
Brillouin scattering spectrum
Brillouin scattering loss distribution
Measurement wavelength 1.55 µm band
Strain measurement repeatability ±100με or lower
Strain measurement range 100με to 15,000με
Strain measurement linearity ±4×10-3
Number of measurement points Up to 100,000 points


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