N8511 N8511


Many disasters such as urban structure collapse, roadside slope landslides, and tunnel rockslides occur due to earthquakes and typhoons. Protecting people's lives and property from these disasters requires a disaster prevention and risk management system that can identify in advance the points likely to be damaged by disasters and assess potential damage. Optical sensing technology has drawn attention for monitoring applications in the construction and civil engineering fields, where it is increasingly used to ensure a safer and more secure living environment. The Japanese government is currently promoting the adoption of disaster prevention and risk management systems employing optical sensing technology, including road slope monitoring systems, river and embankment monitoring systems, and tunnel displacement monitoring systems.



The N8511 is a highly reliable low-cost system utilizing Advantest's unique high-sensitivity coherent wave detection technology and high-extinction-ratio optical switching device technology to achieve higher performance strain measurements with improved repeatability, a longer measurement range, shorter measurement times, and multiple channels.


This system works effectively in these areas

  • Connects to up to 16 optical fiber sensors and automatically switches them for wide-area measurements.
  • Delivers high repeatability, allowing users to obtain stable data when taking repeated measurements.
  • Boasts a wide dynamic range to produce stable measurement results in a short time.
  • Operates without mechanical movement, providing the high reliability necessary for long-term measurement accuracy.
  • Large internal memory enables high-speed data processing.
  • Simultaneously measures up to 100,000 data points.