Environmental Education Environmental Education

Basic Policy on Environmental Education

In order to promote environmental protection, each and every employee needs to always feel that the environment is a problem close to their heart, be thinking about what they can and should do both at work and in the home, and transform these ideas into action. Based on this policy, Advantest is implementing environmental education aimed at developing awareness of the environment and the ability to think and take action appropriately.

Overview of Environmental Education Program
  • Training for new employees
  • Education for internal environmental auditors
  • Education on chemical substances
  • Seeking proposals on environmental VE
  • Activities to protect forests
Implementation of general environmental education in fiscal 2018
  Target employees Number of participants Participation ratio (%)
Japan 2,644 2,644 100
Overseas 2,279 2,244 98.5
Overall 4,923 4,888 99.3
Introduction of e-learning

e-learning system screenshot

At Advantest, we have introduced an e-learning education system. We have been able to create a system that is both time- and location-independent, allows repetition of learning, and enables more efficient management of e-learning status and results.
In fiscal 2018's ISO14001 general training, we implemented e-learning both in Japan and overseas.