Environmental Education


Basic Stance on Environmental Education

Environmental conservation is the most urgent issue that we face today. Each and every employee needs to always feel that the environment is a problem close to their heart, be thinking about what they can and should do both at work and in the home, and transform these ideas into action.
The Advantest Group actively promotes environmental education to increase awareness towards the environment and comprehension of the Environmental Policy, and to continue with environmental conservation initiatives.

Major Environmental Education Programs

Major Environmental Education Programs Educational themes
Training for new employees Environmental awareness education for new employees
Education for internal environmental auditors Cultivation and further education of internal environmental auditors
Management of chemical substances Education on the handling and safety management of chemical substances
Capability training for specific tasks Education to maintain and improve the skills that are needed by those engaged in specific tasks such as energy management, pollution control and waste management.

General Environmental Education

The Advantest Group actively promotes the General Environmental Education to continue with environmental conservation initiatives.
The General Environmental Education explores five initiatives and their impact on the environment based on the Environmental Policy. Furthermore, topics including "marine plastic waste" have also been added to raise awareness towards the environment. At the end, each participant's level of understanding is confirmed through questions and answers. The participant rate for fiscal 2019 was 98.5%.

General Environmental Education Initiatives Examples of educational materials
1. Promotion of environmental management
2. Reduction of customers' environmental burden
3. Better Workplace Procedures
4. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Resources
5. Complying with Environmental Laws and Regulations and Preventing Pollution

Participation in General Environmental Education for fiscal 2019

  Target employees Number of participants Participation ratio (%)
Japan 2,650 2,650 100
Overseas 2,517 2,440 96.9
Overall 5,167 5,090 98.5