Environmental Burden Reduction Environmental Burden Reduction

  • Green Products

    Putting high precision and high quality first, we are making efforts to produce products that give due consideration to the needs of the environment. Designating products that meet our own standards as green products, we are promoting the reduction of environmental impacts.

  • Product Recycling

    We take active steps to ensure that the products we sell are reused and recycled after use. To this end, we have set up, and continue to maintain, a recycling system to ensure that recycling runs smoothly.

  • Mitigation of Climate Change (Global Warming Prevention)

    We regard the mitigation of climate change (prevention of global warming) as an important corporate mission, and are making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission by providing green products and reforming our business processes.

  • Recycling Resources

    We promote the "3 (three) Rs" (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) with the aim of realizing a recycling-based society. Advantest strives to effectively use water resources.

  • Compliance with National Laws and Regulations

    Our policy regarding the laws and regulations of each country, including the European Union's RoHS Directive.

  • Environmental Data

    By tracking our environmental impact data each year, we investigate the root causes of issues and introduce policies and countermeasures to reduce our impact on the environment.