Management Approach Management Approach


Basic Stance

Advantest is supported by various different stakeholders, including customers, investors, suppliers, its employees, and the local communities in the vicinity of its business locations, etc. As a member of the civil society, Advantest bears social responsibility towards all of these stakeholders.

Recognizing this responsibility, we implement various measures based on identified materiality aspects relating to occupational health and safety, compliance, etc.

Identified Materiality Aspects and KPIs

Materiality aspect KPI Measures implemented Items related to SDGs
Employment Re-employment rate following maternity and parental leave Employment and Diversity
Occupational health and safety Occurrence rate of occupational accidents (frequency) Occupational Health and Safety
Training and education Average number of hours of training per employee per year Human Resources Development, Fair Evaluation and Treatment
Diversity and equal opportunity Ratio of female employees Employment and Diversity
Non-discrimination Number of complaints submitted to the helpline that are properly resolved Compliance
Anti-corruption Number of confirmed incidents of improper behavior Compliance
Compliance with anti-monopoly legislation Number of incidents relating to relevant legislation Compliance  
Compliance Number of non-compliance instances relating to social issues Compliance  
Customer health and safety Number of non-compliance of own safety standards Supporting Product Safety and Quality  
Customer privacy Number of complaints relating to information security Risk Management  
Compliance Number of non-compliance relating to products/services Supporting Product Safety and Quality  
Intellectual property rights protection Percentage of employees who have undergone e-learning training relating to intellectual property rights protection Intellectual Property Protection  

Looking Ahead to the Future

We have achieved certain results with respect to the three-year activities conducted until FY2018 based on the materiality aspects identified in FY2015 and KPIs.