ISO 9001 Certification ISO 9001 Certification


At Advantest, we constantly strive to make ongoing improvements to our quality management system.

At Advantest we do not equate product quality with simply the ability to prevent defective products from reaching the market. Our motto is that there is always room to improve customer satisfaction and will therefore continue to strive to supply customers with added-value products and services that only we can provide.

ISO 9001 Certification

*As of October, 2016
Applied Standard ISO 9001: 2008
Certificate Number 3640966
Applied Scope Design, Development, Manufacture and Maintenance of IC Test Systems, Electron Beam Lithography Systems, Electron Beam Inspection Systems, Terahertz-wave Application Measurement Systems and Electronic Measuring Instruments. Manufacture of Electronic Devices.
Certification Body Bereau Veritas Certification Holding SAS
First Certified June, 1993
Integrated Certification October, 2001
Facilities Covered Advantest Corporation
Advantest Kyushu Systems Co., Ltd.
Advantest Component, Inc.