We are thrilled to celebrate 70 years of serving you with leading-edge test solutions that contribute to people’s lives and businesses. Most of all, we’re grateful to be part of your innovation journey. With renewed engineering spirit and unwavering integrity,we’re already looking forward to what’s coming next.

Facing the future together


  • 1950s

    Laying the foundation with one-of-the-kind products

    Our story begins in 1954 when ADVANTEST was founded as Takeda Riken Industries — a small company specializing in electronic measurement equipment in Itabashi, Tokyo. Our first office and workshop had a total floorspace of less than 25 square meters.

    Photo : Our founder, Ikuo Takeda (front row, second from left), with his team in 1954

  • 1960s

    Digital measurement technology fuels ADVANTEST’s growth

    ADVANTEST’s high-performance electronic measurement technologies met the needs of the rapidly growing electronics industry in the 1960s. The company soon earned a leading position in the digital measurement market.

    Photo : Our head office in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, in 1963

  • 1970s

    Entering the world of semiconductors

    ADVANTEST recognized the potential impact of semiconductors for the future of technology and made investments to enter the test equipment market. Within 10 years, the company developed the highest-performing semiconductor test equipment in the world.

    Photo : Our T320/20 LSI test system drew attention at a technology forum in 1975

  • 1980s

    ADVANTEST recognized as a global leader in testing

    Powered by advanced measurement technologies, our semiconductor test systems were rapidly adopted by chipmakers worldwide. In 1985, we achieved the world’s largest market share in this sector.

    Photo : Our T3340 LSI test system pictured at a major U.S. customer’s facility in 1982

  • 1990s

    ADVANTEST thrives in a blooming semiconductor industry

    The invention of personal computers and the internet accelerated the growth of the semiconductor industry. Sales of ADVANTEST’s test systems grew rapidly during this time.

    Photo : The production floor at our Gunma Factory

  • 2000s

    Strategic leadership overcomes industry challenges

    As the separation of design and manufacturing processes led to major challenges in the semiconductor industry, ADVANTEST pioneered a variety of new initiatives to reform our business model and adapt to an ever-changing market.

    Photo : ADVANTEST held a private expo in 2004 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding

  • 2010s

    Strategic M&A pave the way for new growth

    ADVANTEST acquired semiconductor test company Verigy Inc. in 2011. This acquisition generated a unique synergy that greatly expanded our global operations and product portfolio, further evolving ADVANTEST into a leading force within the semiconductor industry.

    Photo : Verigy acquisition press conference in 2011 (Former President, Haruo Matsuno, on the right)

  • 2020s and beyond

    ADVANTEST continues on toward its 100th anniversary

    Semiconductors play a critical role in today’s society, from powering AI applications to conserving energy. ADVANTEST’s test solutions support the evolution of semiconductor technologies, bringing safety, security and comfort to people worldwide.

    Photo : The biotope at our Gunma R&D Center. This conservation project aims to restore the traditional Satoyama or countryside in order to coexist with nature.



Watch our movie about how ADVANTEST’s test solutions — fueled by an unwavering commitment to the spirit of engineering — have contributed to technological advancements since 1954.


Facing the future together Here’s to 70 wonderful years of growth, innovation and change.And we’re looking forward to many more with you! CLICK TO CELEBRATE!