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Integrated Annual Report 2020

Advantest has published our Integrated Annual Report 2020. In addition to financial information, the report includes non-financial information on our Grand Design, vision, strategy, results, governance, and sustainability. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of our corporate value and prospects for medium- to long-term growth.

Integrated Annual Report
Integrated Annual Report
  • New Content Added to Online Event LIFE. ON.

    LIFE.ON. is an online event that intuitively expresses the value of the semiconductors in the indispensable technologies we use, and the value of the test technology that supports semiconductor quality and reliability. On July 1st, exciting new content was added to the event in the second phase of a planned months-long rollout. Try it out for yourself right now!

  • Advantest and PDF Solutions Announce Partnership

    This new business alliance will enable the development of an environment that facilitates measurement, analysis, and productivity improvements at every point in the semiconductor production process, utilizing PDFS's big data analysis platform and Advantest's high-performance test equipment.

  • Advantest Joins RE100

    RE100 is an international initiative that supports businesses in transitioning to 100% renewable energy sources, with 248 members worldwide. Advantest regards climate change as an important issue and aims to reduce CO2 emissions from business activities by 100% by the end of 2050.