AirLogger™ Series Now Supported in China and Vietnam

2019/01/07 Topics

Flexible, Compact Wireless Data Logger Boosts Productivity

TOKYO, Japan – January 7, 2019 – Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has announced expanded overseas support for its AirLogger™ series of wireless data loggers. Until now, support outside Japan was only available in the US, for the AirLogger™ WM1000 wireless temperature logger. In response to strong market demand, the company now provides support in China and Vietnam for the WM1000, and additionally has launched support in China and Vietnam for the AirLogger™ WM2000, which can measure temperature, voltage, and strain.

The AirLogger™ is a revolutionary data logger that transmits measurement data wirelessly from compact measurement units to a PC transmission unit connected to a personal computer's USB port, and displays and saves it on the computer. It also supports measurement of rotating and moving objects, such as tires, which was difficult with conventional instruments. It has already been widely adopted by the automobile industry, among others, and is being used for various applications ranging from R&D to production, in contexts including large spaces, small spaces, and shielded spaces.

The AirLogger™ series can measure multiple points simultaneously and perform synchronized monitoring of various measurements. Not only does it free users from time-consuming wiring tasks, it will also contribute to improving productivity, now in China and Vietnam as well as Japan.

AirLogger™ Usage Example

Product Features

WM1000 Wireless Temperature Logger

Ultra-compact temperature logger with 1 unit / 1 channel specification specialized for temperature measurement. It has waterproofing equivalent to IP54 and is driven by a commercially available button battery. Data from up to 100 measurement units can be received by one PC communication unit.

WM2000 Wireless Data Logger Series

Measures temperature, voltage, and strain with two types of measuring units:
1) temperature / voltage and 2) strain. Humidity, luminosity, pressure, wind speed, and more can also be measured by attaching various voltage output sensors to the temperature / voltage unit. Data acquired from the temperature / voltage measurement unit and strain measurement unit can be received at the same time by a single PC transmission unit, so it is possible to flexibly measure the precise combination necessary for the user's application.

AirLogger™ WM1000
AirLogger™ WM2000 Series

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