ATS 7038 System Level Test (SLT) Platform


Semiconductor System-Level Test

Cost Effective SLT Solution for High Volume Products

Evolve your SLT strategy with Advantest’s ATS 7038 System-Level Test Platform. The ATS 7038 is a fully automated, massively parallel, highly modular system level test platform that delivers the most cost-effective SLT solution in the industry for high volume, high test-time products.

The ATS 7038 is capable of testing a wide variety of integrated semiconductors devices and applications, including mobile, automotive, compute/server, IoT/wearable etc., and it can verify performance and functionality in "mission mode" operation.

SLT Platform Overview

Industry Need For SLT

Due to the increasing complexity of semiconductor devices, shrinking process technology nodes, products integrated with analog, digital and embedded SW components, increasing test-times, evolving packaging technologies, and PVT variations, the traditional ATE-based tests are not adequate nor economical to achieve maximum test coverage, and require SLT-based functional tests which can mimic end-user system environment and operational conditions.

Along with stringent quality and reliability requirements needed by high-end semiconductor products (from mobile, automotive, server etc. applications), business drivers including Time to Market, Time to Volume, Cost of Test, etc. also make it more compelling to adopt SLT into mainstream production testing - this in turn drives the need for more chips to be tested in parallel at high speeds, in order to attain maximum throughput while achieving maximum test coverage.

Fully Automatic Massively Parallel

ATS 7038 is a fully automated test cell integrated with high-speed Pick & Place handler to place/remove devices from test interface boards and elevators to insert/remove test interface boards from the test racks.

ATS 7038 is capable of testing up to 720 DUTs simultaneously to achieve a throughput volume of up to 5,000 units per hour (UPH), for test times around 10 minutes. A combination of optimal throughput and small factory floor footprint, makes ATS 7038 the industry's most cost effective SLT, for high volume and longer test time devices.

Highly Modular and Customizable

ATS 7038 is a highly modular platform, and can be customized to support products from different applications and operating conditions; the customizable features include support for Package on Package (POP) devices with top-side contacts, support for Active and Passive Thermal Controls (for room and hot temp testing), support for structural tests over HSIOs (where structural tests like SCAN, LBIST, MBIST can be run on SLT and correlated with V93000/ATE Link Scale™ results, etc.

Customizable and adaptable, the ATS 7038 performs a variety of test functions, including system-level characterization, system-level validation, system-level qualification, system-level test and RMA/failure debug.

Capabilities include:

  • Testing of any integrated semiconductor device: microprocessors, microcontrollers, cellular baseband SoCs, modem SoCs, and embedded systems
  • Turnkey automation with JEDEC trays input and outputs, including lot cascading
  • ActivATE™, an easy-to-use test executive software
  • Highly accurate thermal stress testing capability
  • Small factory footprint

Scalable SLT Solutions

The ATS 7038 platform offers components that can be configured for lower site count where lower volume, higher mix, smaller batches, and/or shorter test durations are a priority. This versatility satisfies vital characterization and validation activities or serves as a standalone production solution until higher capacity is necessary.

The SLT components offered to develop scalable SLT solutions and to enable the fastest development path from a single site to massive parallelism include:

  • Single-Site Device Development Board (DDB) Kit
  • Single-Slot Tester (SST)
  • Multi-Slot Chamber (MSC)
  • ActivATE™ software

We are building the future of SLT, using above flow, making it fastest and reliable path to enable SLT in volume production.

Advantest Partnership, Test Know-How & Reliability

Partnering with Advantest to develop comprehensive test solutions means, leveraging decades of experience in SLT, Burn-in, Automation, Thermal and ATE for optimal test coverage, and access to worldwide service and support experts who are familiar with all test methodology & downstream OSATs.