Advantest Announces Lumifinder™ Fluorescence Detection System

2023/11/07 Products

Lumifinder™ Supports Quantification and Graphing of Measurement Results for Laparoscopic Surgery

TOKYO, Japan –November 7, 2023 – Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) today announced a new fluorescence detection system, the Lumifinder™ (product code: MED7100), for laparoscopic surgery.

During laparoscopic surgery, the Lumifinder™ irradiates the observation site, to which a contrast agent (indocyanine green) has been administered in advance, with a near-infrared laser beam. The intensity of the resulting fluorescence is displayed numerically and graphically, providing quantitative data for better real-time decision-making. Fluorescence intensity spectrum waveforms and changes in intensity can also be observed. In addition, the Lumifinder™ can connect to the laparoscopic camera video signal, enabling medical staff to observe fluorescence while checking the laser irradiation position visually.

  • Lumifinder™ Fluorescence Detection System

The Lumifinder™ is the first medical device Advantest has released in its approximately 70-year history (medical device approval number: 30500BZX00031000). It will be introduced at select medical institutions in November 2023 and is scheduled to be provided on a lease basis to general medical institutions in Japan from April 2024. Please note that at present, it can only be used within Japan.

Product Overview

The Lumifinder™ emits a guide light and a near-infrared laser from the tip of the scope. The position of the guide light is confirmed using a laparoscope, and the Lumifinder™ displays the changing fluorescence intensity at the relevant site in real time. A spectroscopic sensor is used for measurement, and the generated fluorescence is digitized and displayed graphically. It is also possible to import laparoscopic images and display them side by side with the measured fluorescence spectrum and graph of fluorescence intensity changes.


  • Displays fluorescence intensity numerically and graphically in real time
    Enables medical staff to make judgments based on clear numerical standards, eliminating the ambiguity inherent in images. Fluorescence intensity spectrum waveforms and changes in intensity can also be observed.
  • Full suite of display capabilities
    Information can be displayed in many different ways, including spectrum display, color bar display, peak value time change graph, and laparoscopic images.

Standard Specifications

Dimensions 390(W) × 250(H) × 400(D) mm (does not include scope or protruding parts)
Weight < 30kg
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Power requirements 170VA
Class of Protection against electric shock Class I
Type of Protection against electric shock Type BF applied part
Usage environment Temperature range 10℃~30℃
Humidity range 30%~80% (no condensation)
Air pressure 700hPa~1060hPa
Scope Maximum insertion portion width 10mm
Working length of insertion portion 288.9mm
Irradiation direction
Irradiation angle 25.4°

About Advantest Corporation

Advantest (TSE: 6857) is the leading manufacturer of automatic test and measurement equipment used in the design and production of semiconductors for applications including 5G communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, high-performance computing (HPC), including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and more. Its leading-edge systems and products are integrated into the most advanced semiconductor production lines in the world. The company also conducts R&D to address emerging testing challenges and applications; develops advanced test-interface solutions for wafer sort and final test; produces scanning electron microscopes essential to photomask manufacturing; and offers system-level test solutions and other test-related accessories. Founded in Tokyo in 1954, Advantest is a global company with facilities around the world and an international commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. More information is available at

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